August 19, 2022

Prescott Talks

Prescott Talks: Brooks Compton, Candidate for Prescott Unified School District Governing Board

Buz Williams, columnist for Prescott eNews and guest host for Prescott Talks, interviews Brooks Compton, who is running for the PUSD School Board (or Governing Board). Brooks talks about his kid’s experience with lessons dealing with Critical Race Theory, social/emotional learning, girls in the boys’ bathroom, and other “woke” issues that are being taught in


One Pill Can Kill Anti-Drug Campaign

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is warning the American public of the alarming increase in the lethality and availability of fake prescription pills containing fentanyl and methamphetamine. The One Pill Can Kill campaign is being used in hopes of spreading awareness that International and domestic criminal drug networks are mass-producing


‘There’s Something In the Air’ for Prescott’s Hearing Community

Monsoon season is upon us in Prescott, which means dust blowing from the desert and heavy rain is in full swing. This weather, coupled with high temperatures and Prescott’s great hiking and golfing communities, is all a recipe for hearing aids to break down or not work well, surprisingly. While we enjoy the great outdoors

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

How to Grow Clematis – Ken Lain

This Vine Is Known for Its Bold, Richly-Colored Flowers With its big, richly colored flowers, The President clematis offers great aesthetic value for its looks, alone. But as a fast-growing vine that can be trained to grow up various structures in the landscape, it has many uses that give it even more value. Like other types

Arts & Culture

15th Annual Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour Celebrates Art in the Quad Cities

Photo: Painting by Filmer Kewanyama The 15th Annual Prescott Area Artist Studio Tour will run from Friday, September 30 through Sunday, October 2, 2022, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Featuring over 100 artists throughout the Prescott/Quad-City area, the Studio Tour will offer attendees an opportunity to visit with the artists, observe their creative


Opinion: Some Straight Talk About the Debt Crises – Inside Sources

Congress has passed the Inflation Reduction Act. President Biden says this is a success story, in part because it will reduce the deficit by $305 billion over the next decade. IRA mainly reduces the deficit by raising taxes and regulating drug prices; the act increases federal spending and subsidies by nearly half a trillion dollars

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