Rep. Gosar’s Statement on One Year Anniversary of Biden’s Botched Withdrawal in Afghanistan

Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) issued the following statement regarding Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal of American troops from Afghanist

“One year ago today, Joe Biden, and his incompetent woke military leadership, made the disastrous decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and surrender over $80 billion in equipment to the Taliban.

This public humiliation of our country was the result of incompetency, negligence and ineptitude. President Trump had established a competent and professional plan to withdraw and finally end this forever war. But Joe Biden replaced professional military leadership with political operatives who predictably failed. I mourn for the thousands of our soldiers who died valiantly in a two decade military campaign that was mishandled from the start by poor leadership.

Joe Biden abandoned American citizens and left them behind. Instead, he gathered over 100,000 Afghanis and flew them to America. None were vetted and many turned out to be on terrorist watch lists.

In a show of incompetence and arrogance, Mr. Biden and his woke generals sent a drone missile to kill an Afghan ally and aid worker, along with his family and seven children. Ten innocent civilians were murdered in an impotent show of force by Joe Biden.

Finally, due to Mr. Biden’s incompetence and poor military leadership, he failed to secure the airport perimeter and allowed a suicide bomber to enter resulting in the needless death of 13 American service members. We remember the lives of the 13 heroes who needlessly died because of Joe Biden’s foolhardy decision. We won’t ever forget them,” concluded Congressman Gosar.

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