Lea Márquez Peterson Appointed to National Water Committee

On July 8, Chairwoman Lea Márquez Peterson of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) was appointed Co-Vice Chair of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Committee on Water.

NARUC is a national association of state utility commissioners, such as those serving on the ACC. The Water Committee brings together state utility commissioners, water service providers, and stakeholders to lead on issues that impact water across all 50 states.

According to Chairwoman Lea Márquez Peterson, Arizona businesses and citizens can benefit from participating in broader, nationwide conversations regarding water certainty, affordability and quality. Arizona has been in a drought for over 20 years, and water is critical to the state’s wellbeing and economy.

“Water impacts everything from new home construction and the availability of hydropower to the price of groceries and the amount we pay on our local utility bills,” said Chairwoman Márquez Peterson. “In rural communities, wells are going dry, and hundreds of small water utilities are struggling to keep up with aging infrastructure. We need to find a solution.”

Márquez Peterson was selected Co-Vice Chair due to her leadership on water conservation, efforts to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens and incentivize private industry to invest in new water infrastructure. She is honored to serve with Chairman Jeff Hughes of North Carolina and fellow Co-Vice Chair Ryan Silvey of Missouri.

Chairwoman Márquez Peterson says, “I look forward to serving another year as the co-vice chair for the national water committee and to continue learning about best practices in other states to bring innovative solutions to our citizens of Arizona.”

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