Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit Seizes Over 50,000 Fentanyl Pills in Two Traffic Stops

During the first week of August, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit, with the help of Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking (PANT) taskforce, conducted two traffic stops within an hour of each other in Camp Verde.

The first stop resulted in the seizure of 8 pounds of meth and 10 pounds (40,000 pills) of fentanyl pills, following a consent search of the vehicle. The driver, identified as Marco Ceja-Partida (35) from Ontario, CA., was booked into the Camp Verde jail for transportation of dangerous and narcotic drugs for sale.

The second stop, merely 30 minutes later, lead to the confiscation of approximately 15,000 fentanyl pills. The driver, Hector Ramirez-Galvez (26) out of the Phoenix area, was arrested and booked for the transportation of narcotic drugs for sale.


3 thoughts on “Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit Seizes Over 50,000 Fentanyl Pills in Two Traffic Stops”

  1. So……were these two Hispanic smugglers members of a Mexican cartel, and will a complete interrogation be held to show how they came to smuggle in these deadly drugs? They should be imprisoned for life, in my opinion. Unless we make the punishment so severe that more such drug smuggling will cease to continue or at least be curtailed, our country will continue its downhill slide. Sadly, I fear that Leftist prosecutors and judges will give these two rats nothing more than probation and/or community service.

  2. CDC: approximately 108,000 Americans died of Fentanyl poisoning between Feb 2021 and Feb 2022. But Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat clowns do nothing about it. But they are spending great effort trying to disarm honest, law-abiding Americans. We all know why that is.

    Thank you to the law enforcement personnel that work hard every day to take deadly poisons off the streets.

    With luck, someday, people caught trafficking Fentanyl will be charged with Attempted Murder.

  3. And let’s all chip in for a few sirloins for our awesome Yavapai County Sheriff K9s.

    Dogs do more to help Americans than Democrats.

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