Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum Luncheon – Meet your 2022 Candidates

The Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum will continue their candidate series at their next monthly luncheon on Monday, August 8th, at the Prescott Vibes Event Center, 6200 Hwy 89 (see map at bottom).  Doors open at 10:30 am, and the event starts promptly at 11:30am.  Parking is free.  An RSVP is required.

This month’s meeting has the Prescott Unified School Board candidates, and the Humboldt School District Board candidate.

Brooks Compton – School Board Candidate for the Prescott Unified School District

Brooks was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and is a lifelong independent entrepreneur. He is a single father with one son, Victor, who is 14 years old. Brooks and his son moved to Prescott in 2015 for a fresh start and centered their lives around community, faith and family.

After the sale of Brooks’ most recent business venture he semi-retired and decided to focus his time on the enjoyment of raising his son. When COVID hit America Brooks, like most parents, became his son’s full-time teacher. That’s when the wake-up call hit home.

Brooks is an ardent champion of Prescott’s schools, students and their teachers. He has spent many a day on school field trips as a chaperone with his son and his son’s friends. When on the Governing Board Brooks will continue to support our children and their schools through properly focusing the district’s goals on the core competencies of math, science and writing.

Linda Conn – Candidate for the Prescott Unified School District

Linda Conn is running for the 2-year seat on the Prescott School Board.  She is an accomplished professional, possessing a broad range of skills and experience. Her first career was in Law Enforcement as a 911 Dispatcher spending 18 years within the high-crime city of Long Beach, Ca.

Changing careers, Linda obtained her K-12 teaching credential and taught elementary school for the next 25 years. She returned to school a final time and acquired her master’s degree in School Counseling using her skills in both the educational environment and non-profit world while working as a rape crisis counselor and a disaster service worker for the Sheriff’s office. She has won numerous awards as a highly qualified educator and served as a “teacher’s teacher”, training student teachers through their first year of employment out of teacher college. This broad and deep level of experience allows Linda to understand and work with students and people with a wide range of temperaments, skills, life situations and aspirations.

She believes in Back-to-Basics classical education and wishes to rid our district of the destructive Common Core Standards, CRT, and Social-emotional learning in effect since 2010. Her goals are to raise the level of academic performance of PUSD students and empower them with real-world skills and competencies in STEM subjects including Literacy and the Humanities.  Our students are disengaged and unmotivated and that must change.  Linda’s background and experience will be invaluable to accomplish these goals.

Michele Hamer – Candidate for the Prescott Unified School District

Michele Hamer retired from a career in business management and has been a small business owner since returning to Prescott 16 years ago after living abroad. She also volunteered at the Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) for four years before they shut down the schools, which she felt was a bad decision. And after watching the schools open back up using the draconian measures outlined by the CDC, she became co-founder and chairman of the Arizona School Board Watchdogs. She and 26 other concerned citizens worked to educate parents and guardians on their rights under Arizona law. Many brave parents came forward to regain these rights, only to find a long and intimidating process. This is what made her decide to run for a seat on PUSD’s governing board. Good leadership and a different vision are needed now more than ever, and she has the skills, the time and the passion to donate to this cause. She will put control back into parents’ hands, demand transparency, and encourage data-driven decision making through action plans that set measurable.

Andy Nelson – Candidate for the Prescott Unified School District

Married 38 years, and father of 6 PUSD educated children, with one more currently enrolled (and 10 grandchildren to boot), Andy Nelson is a traditional values servant leader and principled Constitutional conservative that cares about tomorrow’s leaders today.

Dr. Andy is a Chiropractic Physician who has treated thousands of patients as family members over the last 22 years. As such, he is a “Parent with a Spine,” and his reason for running for school board is distilled into these five words, “Act, or be acted upon.”

As a layperson and parent on the board, objectivity and external integrity from a local businessperson and Prescott resident of 22 years, will be what it takes to bring accountability and transparency to the PUSD Governing Board.

A former Rotarian and Boy Scout leader, Dr. Andy still subscribes to the 4-way test and Scout Oath. As a graduate of Prescott Area Leadership, JustServe Representative and past chair of the Quad City Interfaith Council, Dr. Andy has served in our community in several capacities over the years, including church service in many leadership roles.

Academic fundamentals and academic excellence are the primary goals of education, with students challenged by resilience and merit to compete in a world economy, building patriotic citizens of contribution through opportunity and freedom. This is Andy Nelson’s clarion call, to be a vanguard for our children, and keep Prescott “everybody’s hometown.”

Lyana Mazon – School Board Candidate for the Humboldt Unified School District

My name is Lyana Mazon, I was born and raised in Prescott/ Prescott Valley, AZ and I am a 2006 graduate of Bradshaw Mountain High School. I am a married mother of four, ages 14, 12, 8 and 6. My husband is a firefighter with Central AZ Fire as well as a Blackhawk pilot with the Army National Guard. I have dedicated my life to staying home with my kids, that’s right, I’m “just a mom”!

My desire to run for the school board is simple, I’m fed up with the left’s agenda! For too long our local boards have gone unchecked and for the most part it’s been ok, but the radical ideology that has presented itself of late is far too detrimental! I no longer can continue to sit on the sideline. Mothers like to use the phrase “mama bear” but never think twice about what it means. A mama bear will protect their cub at whatever cost necessary. I’ve embraced this and will do everything in my power to be a gatekeeper.

Parents in the state of AZ have rights! We need to get back to basics! Our children need protection!


Since July 1st, 2022, YRMF Luncheons are Members-Only events. We are moving to a Members-Only organization in fairness to our members who pay yearly dues and support the Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum. Membership info and application form can be found by clicking HERE. It will be possible to attend a YRMF Luncheon after July 1st, 2022, if you are a non-member, e.g. someone new to the area, visiting guest of a member, etc., but this will be at the discretion of YRMF.

Lunch is $25 per reservation payable at the door by check or cash (no credit cards). This month’s buffet lunch is:

*** Chicken Fettuccini, Salad, Roll and Dessert ***

Remember – a reservation made is a reservation paid.  If you do not attend after holding a reservation past the cancellation deadline, please submit your payment for the lunch as outlined in the emails you received after making your reservation.  The cutoff for accepting cancellations is before 10:00 PM Wednesday August 3rd.

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