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“A hero is an ordinary person who faces extraordinary circumstances and acts with courage, honor and self sacrifice, yup, that describes a police officer.” – Whole Truth Project

Two weeks ago I went to a convention for the Public Safety Writers Association in Las Vegas. My book publisher had entered my two books, (Police Pranks, Jokes and Other Stories Not Suitable for Children and Dilemma) into their writers contest. Police Pranks… won 3rd place for nonfiction. I went early and visited friends in Yeringtion and Reno, Nevada to show my appreciation for them writing introductions to my books.

While I was driving down to Las Vegas, I got a phone call from a Long Beach Police friend, Doug Johnson, who was still living in SoCal. He was asking if I would be willing to work VIP transportation for some of the Trump entourage when they came into Prescott. I told Doug that I would be at the writers conference during the Trump rally, but I would have volunteered otherwise. We reminisced about working adjoining beats and I was really glad to have a good talk with Doug. Unfortunately, I found out that Doug had a massive heart attack and passed away only a few days later. I felt lucky that I was able to speak to one of the truly good guys before he passed away.

After speaking with Doug, it occurred to me that of all of the men and women in law enforcement that I know, mostly retired now, almost all of them are Trump supporters. There may be a minuscule minority, for whatever reason, that don’t like former President Trump, but they are not very vocal. Why does Donald Trump have such overwhelming support among those who enforce our laws? It’s not hard to figure out. Trump has unwavering support for them.

Since his first rally in 2016, and every one since, Donald J. Trump has made it a point to praise those in law enforcement. He won the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, the country’s largest police union, representing about a third of a million law enforcement officers. After the George Floyd incident, while almost all politicians from both parties, either remained silent or openly bad mouthed the law enforcement community as “racist”, brutal and uncaring, Trump remained supportive of the vast majority of officers.

While Democrats and the mainstream media, (MSN), were excusing the Antifa/BLM riots that killed at least 25 people, including one retired police officer, President Trump never wavered in his support of those tasked with enforcing our laws. Contrast that with that with Democrats who claimed that the rioters were merely expressing their frustration with police brutality. Compare Trump’s condemnation of the riots with MSN reporting of “mostly peaceful protests” while televising cities burning in the background.

Until the Obama Administration, politicians of both parties, would woo police and sheriffs because they knew that most voters support them. But those who carry a badge and gun can tell the difference between pandering and sincere appreciation. Trump has always, and continues to display that sincerity.

I was unable to attend the Trump rally in Prescott Valley, but I watched it live on my computer. I confess that I got choked up and teary eyed when President Trump brought up the widow and daughter of slain Yavapai County Sheriff Sergeant Rick Lopez. It is Trump’s continuous, genuine, heartfelt appreciation and support of law enforcement that has earned him their respect and love.


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  1. I was at the Trump Rally in Prescott Valley and you are correct, the tribute to Sheriff Lopez was genuine and testimony to Donald Trump’s history of unwavering support of law enforcement.

    It was an excellent rally with a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters. We want Trump back in office because he gets things done. He cuts taxes. He’s a man of his word. He builds things up. He helps hard working, honest Americans.

  2. George Hotchkiss

    Ryan, You wrote “unwavering support of law enforcement”, re: President Trump. Let me ask you a quick question about unwavering support. A couple years back a patrol officer in South Carolina confronted a middle aged black man for a traffic violation, the man was unarmed and the officer had no idea of his background. The man tried to run away but the officer wrestled him to the ground and Tazed him. the man still resisted got up and ran away, the officer shot him multiple time in the back. Then the officer walked back to where the scuffle occurred picked up the Taser and went over and dropped the Taser next to the dying man. In his report the officer said the suspect had the Taser and that he fired 8 times because he feared for his life. Now should President Trump unwaveringly support this officer?

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