Monsoon Season – The Good, The Bad and the Downright Dangerous – YCSO

Ah. Monsoon season. We have reasons to love it and reasons to hate it. Our lakes, plants and water tables are grateful for the much-needed rain. Our hairdos’, suede shoes and cute outfits – not so much. However, whether you love or resent the weather, there are dangers that come with the monsoons as well.

YCSO wants to remind folks that the unpredictable precipitation can cause washes, rivers, and canyons to flood without warning, causing real risks to life and property.

None of us will soon forget the tragic loss of a young girl last year in the Verde River when she tried to cross a flooded roadway. PLEASE presume any running water on a road or a through a wash is deep, fast and perilous and do not attempt to cross it. No one’s heart can take another tragedy like that.

Those who are enjoying the trails and hiking areas also need to exercise a liberal dose of caution because a dry canyon or a trickling river can become a torrent of water at a moment’s notice. Just last evening 8 people had to be rescued by helicopter out of Box Canyon because the Hassayampa River rose extremely quickly.

The welfare of our residents and visitors is always our top priority as is the safety of our deputies and volunteer search and rescue teams. It is only with your caution that everyone will be able to enjoy all Yavapai County has to offer AND get home safely.

So, we urge you to enjoy the rain showers, smell the new flower blooms and watch for rainbows, but do take care when out in the rains and none of us will be the worse for wear (my suede shoes notwithstanding…).



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