Gosar Lines Up Substantial Support to Finally End COVID-19 National Emergency – Rep Dr. Paul Gosar

The National Emergencies Act (NEA) gives any sitting President extraordinary powers to deal with crises other than war or natural disasters.  On March 13, 2020, President Trump declared a national emergency concerning COVID-19.  On February 18, 2022, Joe Biden decided to extend the COVID-19 national emergency despite “triumphantly” declaring on July 4, 2021 an end to the pandemic in the United States and life having returned to normal across much of the country.

Under the COVID-19 national emergency declaration, more than 120 emergency statutory powers continue to be available to Mr. Biden, including the power to draft Americans without consent, raise Dr. Fauci’s salary, barricade the United States Capitol, and place the Public Health Service under military control.

A provision in the NEA requires Congress to review and consider termination of national emergencies, six months after it’s declared, and every six months after the emergency continues. Over the past 12 months, I have repeatedly moved to terminate the COVID-19 national emergency declaration and emergency presidential powers.  Over the past year, House Speaker Pelosi has thwarted every attempt I’ve made to terminate the COVID-19 national emergency by changing the rules to prevent this from happening, thus handicapping Congress checking the powers of the executive branch.

Fortunately, the Senate passed a companion to my resolution to end the COVID-19 emergency declaration paving the way forward for me to file Discharge Petition #12 that would force Speaker Pelosi to bring my resolution to the House floor for consideration and terminate the COVID-19 emergency declaration once and for all.

By now you may be asking: Congressman Gosar, what exactly is a discharge petition and how will it help move your important legislation to end the COVID-19 national emergency declaration?  Great question!

A discharge petition is a tool that can be used in Congress to force a vote on legislation that has significant support but is being blocked from consideration. Once 218 members of Congress sign the petition, it must be voted on.

So, now you may be asking: Congressman Gosar, what is the status of your Discharge Petition #12?  Another great question!

Once my Discharge Petition #12 reaches 218 members, Speaker Pelosi will be forced to schedule consideration of a motion to discharge within two legislative days. As of July 18, 2022, Discharge Petition #12 has 111 signers.

Americans should never again be forced to endure government-imposed lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations and masking and school closings.  After more than two years, momentum is building and Congress is getting closer to finally moving beyond the overbearing, reckless, and irresponsible COVID-19 national emergency.

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