LEGADO Brings Desired Housing & Retail to Downtown Prescott Valley

Fain Signature Group announced the groundbreaking of LEGADO, a 329-unit multifamily housing project scheduled to open for residents beginning in 2024. Since unanimously being approved by the Town of Prescott Valley, the Fain Signature Group has been finalizing this mixed-use multi-family apartment project.  The first of its kind for the downtown area, LEGADO will be located at the corner of Florentine and Main, across the street from Homestead apartments.  In the heart of Prescott Valley’s Town Center, LEGADO will include amenities such as gated community, parking garage, a 5,000 sq ft rooftop restaurant open to the public, electric vehicle charging stations, pool, and 8,000 sq ft of commercial lease space on street level for businesses. The covered parking includes 124 additional public parking spaces for the Town Center.  Residents will also enjoy poolside cabanas & spa, fitness center, two turf courtyards, BBQ pavilions and dog washing station. 

Unique design features include a “Texas Wrap” where the living spaces surround the parking structure, additional rooftop space for future solar panels, centralized boiler system for energy efficiency and materials savings, and space to add more electric vehicle charging stations as EV charging needs rise.

“We have been exploring design on this project for a few years.  We continue to research our state’s overwhelming needs for housing, new technology in energy and water conservation, social design, and how we meet the increasing demands for electric vehicles and EV charging stations. We are collaborating with our community partners in designing downtown to help eliminate traffic with a live-work-play approach. Residents of LEGADO will have the products and services needed to live without having to drive. Banks, grocery stores, restaurants, healthcare, elementary schools, high school, college and even pet care are within walking distance or less than a mile drive of LEGADO. Imagine living in a rural community where you can simply walk across the street to attend a concert at the Findlay Toyota Center, or ride your eBike one block to the grocery store. A simple, well designed community and lifestyle for all,” says Brad Fain.

Arizona’s Pono Construction, a father daughter team out of the valley, is the general contractor on the apartment building project while award winning PB Bell will be the management firm for leasing and day-to-day operations.

About Fain Signature Group

As one of central Arizona’s original homesteading families, the Fains have been calling the Prescott Valley region home since 1874. Fain Signature Group (FSG) is a community building organization comprised of local families passionate about living here.  FSG ownership and its employees represent families that were born, educated, raised, live and / or work in Prescott Valley.  Their mission is to make a great life for all with community design, long-term vision and regional collaboration at the core of their practice.


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  1. You’ll be able to ride your bike to the grocery store assuming some idiot doesn’t mow you down while he’s running his obnoxiously loud vehicle through the gears, going waaaaaay too fast and zigzagging through traffic to save a few ticks of the clock.

    FACT: Pedestrians, cyclists and safe drivers in Prescott or Prescott Valley are at a high risk of injury or death due to dangerous drivers. These two fine towns are full of obnoxious fools that think their need to make a lot of noise or to save a few minutes during their drive is more important than the safety of other people.

    Good grief, people get hit in parking lots because of dangerous driving.


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