207,416 Illegal Aliens Cross the Border in June – Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar

Hoping no one would notice, the Biden regime, in an underhanded late Friday night news dump, released new data showing nearly 208,000 illegal aliens crossed the southern border in June, the highest number of lawbreakers crossing the border for any June on record.

Approximately four million illegals have now crossed the border since Biden took office. This includes the 3.1 million that Customs and Border Protection have apprehended and the 800,000 “gotaways” that have escaped into the U.S. undetected.

621 pounds of deadly fentanyl, or 140 million lethal doses, were seized at the border in June. Unfortunately, much of the deadly drugs make their way into other states.  For example, in California this week, law enforcement officials seized one million counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl that are believed to be linked to a Mexican drug trafficking ring.  It’s the largest seizure of fentanyl-laced pills ever made.  Read more about it here.

Also on Friday, the Biden regime admitted what we all knew: that Border Patrol agents were falsely accused of whipping illegal aliens crossing the border last year.  Remember when Kamala Harris played the race card saying the agents’ actions “reminded her of times of slavery?”  All lies. More lies.  Read more about it here.

Joe Biden continues to fail the American people.  The border crisis grows worse every month, yet Mr. Biden continues to push his disastrous Far-Left open-border policies and has no desire to secure the southern border.

Three weeks ago, the Arizona legislature passed a $564 million border security bill that was signed into law by Governor Ducey. Yet the Governor has not acted to stop this invasion.  I call on him to immediately declare a state of emergency, deploy National Guard troops to the border and finish the wall along the state’s border with Mexico. 


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  1. At this level of invasion, a full Biden term would create 10 Million illegal immigrants entering America. Hopefully, enough citizens are fed up with this unacceptable behavior and will reject Biden’s party this November and in 2024.
    Mexico has never been America’s friend. Only with a threat of tariffs of 15-25% on product coming into our country did Mexico place army troops along border states.
    Hopefully, we will be able to identify all new and fraud SS numbers issued -used by these persons and all deported as criminal violators of the United States of America.

    1. George Hotchkiss

      Good afternoon, You wrote “At this level of invasion, a full Biden term would create 10 Million illegal immigrants entering America”, FYI the vast majority of the 207,416 immigrants attempting to cross the border walk up to the border and give themselves up to border patrol officers. About 40% of those apprehended are allowed into the US., so that is not 10 million people. Not, sure what the picture in the article is of, but it is not the U.S. / Mexico border in June of this year. How do I know that, everybody in the picture are wearing coats and hoodies, the highs along the border ranged from 85 degrees Fahrenheit to 110 Degrees Fahrenheit for the month of June 2022 at our AZ border crossing stations. There have been a few crowds over the years at the border but the vast majority of border crossers are peaceful and trickle across the border individually or in small groups. My personal druther would be to triple the size of the border patrol, install fences at strategic places to funnel any border crossers to locations that would allow for the orderly processing of the immigrants. United States federal law allows persons entering the country illegally to apply for asylum as political refugees. This is the law that forces border officials to release these people into the U.S. These laws need to be changed to make it much harder to entering the country, not to be cruel, but the word has been out for years south of the border that applying for asylum is the beat way to get in to the country. The border patrol is only following U.S. law. Now, Mexico on the other hand loves the flow of immigrants, not only do those that make it send money back to their relatives in Mexico, it gets rid of Mexican peasants into the U.S. Mexico is a very corrupt country, they have an oligarchy built into their framework of government, the rich get very rich and poor get poorer. My solution is to pay them gobs of money to police their side of the border. Every illegal border crosser would cost them say a million dollars in aid.
      Most of the people coming across the border are looking for work. There are coyotes and cartel mules too, but they are a a small minority. Most illegal drugs enter the U.S. through the mail, ports of entry in trucks and cars and freight containers on ships. So, if the border closed today, our drug problem would not change at all.

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