Fish Consumption Advisory for Horsethief Basin Lake

Warning for Horsethief Basin Lake located on the Bradshaw Ranger District.  There has been a fish consumption advisory in place since January of 2021 and now the waterbody is being listed as impaired. The EPA will add Horsethief Basin as impaired by methylmercury in fish tissue to Arizona’s 2020-2022 List of Impaired Waters under Clean Water Act, Section 303(d).

Horsethief Basin Lake, Yavapai County

            Pollutant:  Mercury

            Fish Species:  Largemouth bass

            Advisory:  ADEQ recommends that adults limit consumption of the above fish to 2.5 ounces (uncooked weight) per week and children 12 years of age and younger limit consumption to 2 ounces per month (uncooked weight).

This advisory does not limit the use of Horsethief Basin lake for fishing, bird watching or other recreational uses.

For more information on fish, mercury and advisories visit Arizona Game and Fish Department at

For more information, please call the Bradshaw Ranger District at 928-443-8000.

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