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We should not accept the idea that we are conservative. We promote progress. We cannot be satisfied with delaying the victories of the so-called progressive left. This is not our mission. Who can be satisfied with building barriers when our goal is to forge ahead?

To the extent that we are conservative, it is only in the service of progress. It is necessary to eliminate useless innovations that compete with useful ones. If I am undergoing surgery, I don’t want a strawberry-flavored anesthetic. I want an effective one. This is not because I am nostalgic for the anesthetic of a certain time but because I want one that works. The social innovations of the Left are the equivalent of flavored anesthetics that harm the patient.

Ethno-differentiation promotes security, social trust, and therefore productivity. This leads, among many other things, to better medical research, longer life expectancy, quality of life, quality of childhood, artistic achievements . . . . In fact, listing the benefits of separation could become an academic specialty.

Our discourse could become more effective if it were to change in ways we may not have considered. I’m not talking about being right. We are already right. I’m talking about winning the ideas game, of making competing ideas irrelevant.

Our opponents are the champions of broken promises. Why offer progress rather than a return to the past? Let us oppose liberals with a right-wing vision of progress. Perhaps a slogan like this: “Rich or poor, who would not prefer the crime rate of Tokyo rather than Chicago? No more broken progressive promises.”

The aim is to promote a vision of progress and let the other side shoulder the burdens of the present. We cannot be the side that doesn’t have solutions, that condemns the future, that brings the bad news and looks to the past. Our brains don’t like it. Our wives don’t like it. Our well-being doesn’t like it. Even our bank accounts suffer from it.

We must invent identity progressivism. Our arguments might look like this: “We were making such progress. Women were just beginning to enjoy their rights, and now immigrants torment them. Why did you spoil it? Do you hate women? And why force LGBT people to suffer among groups that hate them?” The key is to say such things without irony or sarcasm.

This may not change the outcome of a particular conversation, but it is important to stop always condemning the future and holding up the past as a solution. In the popular mind, white advocacy must evoke words like “solution,” “future,” “progress,” “inevitable.”

Constant repetition establishes a center of gravity, a centripetal dynamic, and anchors a belief in people’s minds. Anchoring the correct beliefs in people’s minds is what we do.


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