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[Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted with permission from the Editor of The Green Valley News Sun. It was originally published on 7/21/2022.]

Arizona Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh said on Twitter this week that he’d trade “decades of experience for one ounce of courage.”

That’s an acknowledgement that he has precious few legal credentials but, apparently, some guts.

Only, there’s not much evidence of that right now.

Hamadeh, a Republican, has gone silent since questions were raised about a loan that showed up on his campaign finance filing last week. I’ve called and emailed his campaign several times. Nothing.

What’s the problem? On March 21, his brother Waseem Hamadeh loaned $1 million to the campaign. On April 4, it was repaid.

Those dates are significant, though Hamadeh has forced us to speculate a bit since he’s too busy tweeting and ditching candidate events to get back to us.

And, it should be noted, those who are speculating the most are his fellow Republicans, including Congressman Paul Gosar and state Senate President Karen Fann.

Here’s Gosar’s take on it.

He points out the loan was made just in time to be included in the first quarter campaign report. Having more than $1 million in the coffers looked great for Hamadeh, and on April 4, he sent out a tweet about it — boasting he had $1,062,579. Only, he worded it like this: “AG candidate Abraham Hamadeh raises over 1 million.”

Raises? When $1 million was from a loan by a family member?

That’s like rich people claiming to hit a home run when everybody knows they were born on third base.

Later on April 4 — same day, mind you — Hamadeh repaid the loan to his brother, leaving him a pauper by election campaign standards. But we wouldn’t know about the repayment — and his paltry donor support — until July 15, when the second quarter report came out.

By that time, two significant things had happened — early voting was well underway, and Hamadeh had secured former President Trump’s endorsement.

So, was Trump duped? It sure looks like it. Trump likely wouldn’t have attached his name to a candidate who wasn’t raking in cash from a broad base.

It appears Hamadeh sent out the “I’m a millionaire” tweet to get the attention of the Trump people. Only, he wasn’t a millionaire. He just has a well-off brother who likes to share. For two weeks.

Gosar, certainly no stranger to controversy himself, is not a disinterested bystander. He has already announced his support for AG candidate Rodney Glassman (who actually has raised the most in the six-person race) but promises he’ll support the winner of the GOP primary.

As for Hamadeh, we can only guess he’s pacing a secluded hallway someplace counting the days until the Aug. 2 primary is over. He was leading — just barely — in a poll three weeks ago but two-thirds of voters still hadn’t made up their minds in the AG race.

But Hamadeh has a bigger problem. According to his July 15 campaign report, he has less than $15,000 in the bank.


3 thoughts on “Opinion- From the Editor: Did AG candidate dupe Trump? – Green Valley News”

  1. EX Arizona Supreme Court Justice Andrew Gould is the best qualified. As a long term prosecutor in Southern Arizona he has the most experience with dealing with border immigration and addressing issues such as election integrity working with a great Secretary of State; Mark Finchem.
    This team would make great strides in prosecuting fraud and really being active in creating a better Arizona for all residents.

  2. What a disgusting hit piece by some hack from Green Acres. They should put Arnold Ziffel on the editorial staff and straighten things out.

    Oooooooh, did this guy do this?
    Oooooooh, did that guy do that?
    Oooooooh, did you hear what that guy over there said?
    Oooooooh, did this guy fake out that guy over there?
    Oooooooh, let’s gang up on that person we don’t like and DESTROY THEM just like they do in soap operas.

    This article sounds like teenage gossip and is about as far from real journalism as you can get. The author can now claim title to Fake Journalist Clown, AP-grade.

  3. Abraham Hamadeh is a fraud with less than 3 years of legal experience. He is a grifter and willing to say anything to get our votes. His family money and the establishment are trying to slip this Uni-Party candidate in under the nose of the people. RINO. He duped Trump and Arizona voters into believing he had fundraised $1M when in truth he only has $14K on hand. There is a video of him circulating that says “his brother needed the money back for real estate transactions” intentional deception. Fraud.

    I ruled Abe out for his inexperience, donations, family money, faith, and his consultants. Hamadeh and Karrin Taylor Robson share the same campaign consultants Camelback Strategy Group they will rep anyone unless they’re a constitutional conservative grassroots candidate with a heart of service towards We The People. Chad Heywood is running his campaign. Also helped run Flake, McCain and McSally. Not an impressive resume. They are funded by the McCain class and target America First candidates. Hamadeh doesnt like to disclose who his consultants are publicly in fear of losing the MAGA vote. Based off the vetting going around of him he seems to have only turned MAGA recently. Arizona I cannot emphasize enough the importance of vetting our candidates. Many democrats running as republicans this election cycle.

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