The Latest Promotions from Businesses in Prescott

With the cost of living rising, a little financial assistance always helps. But it is not only large financial institutions that can help you along. Prescott businesses themselves have lots of offers and coupons to ensure you can make savings.

Bucky’s Casino

Land-based casinos have been pushed hard by their mobile counterparts, who have been providing some of the best casino apps and offers. These online casinos can get greater exposure in multiple locations, such as on review sites that look at a great variety of providers and compile the top picks. With state-of-the-art gaming and fewer overheads than physical casinos, they have also been able to offer extremely competitive bonuses to attract new customers.

Bucky’s and Yavapai Casinos in Prescott are fighting back with some attractive offers. On July 4th, they will hold an event where prizes double and you can win up to $300 cash. Limited supplies of complimentary T-Shirts will also be given out on the day, though subject to stocks lasting.

Dancing Porcupine


Source: Pixabay

The Dancing Porcupine is a local business set up to assist pets and their owners, throughout the many stages of their life. Run by Sage Lewis, this creature teacher started in 2002 as she was looking for a gentler way to train her pets. This then branched out from a training school to a range of pet and owner therapies.

As well as behavior and well-being training courses, there are numerous end-of-life care and therapies provided to soothe the passing of your pet. Physical and emotional healing are on offer, along with hospice care. Ceremonies can also take place at the school, so contact them for birthdays, funerals, and everything in between.

A free consultation is available and with the discount code NEWCLIENT10FREE you can get a further 10 minutes of your chosen therapy free. Services can take place in person, or they can be provided on Zoom for anyone based outside of Prescott.

A Better Life Mortgage

A Better Life Mortgage is a local business that makes a difference. Owned by Kathy Kemper-Zanck, they specialize in Home Equity Conversion Mortgages. These are FHA loans backed by the government, aimed at seniors in the 62+ age bracket.

Formerly known as a reverse mortgage, they can eliminate your mortgage payments while still allowing you to occupy your home. Funds you receive can also be used for relocation or downsizing.

To qualify borrowers must be over 62 years of age. The current property must be a primary residence, that consists of a single-family home, an FHA-approved condo, or a two to four-unit dwelling. Properties must have equity built up and applicants must be free of any federal debt.

Luckily, A Better Life Mortgage is offering free consultations and education sessions. They will take you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision. There is no obligation to sign up and after you can go away and decide if it is for you.

These coupons are also a great way to help local companies. Not only do you get to keep some money in your pocket, but you also provide revenue for companies in the town. From entertainment to retail, there are a lot of offers available if you shop around.

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