Prescott Talks: Interview with Ken Bennett, candidate for Arizona State Senate, LD-1

Guest host, Prescott Mayor Phil Goode interviews Ken Bennett, candidate for Arizona State Senate (Legislative District 1), about the allegations being made about Mr. Bennett’s political career by his opponent. Ken takes each accusation and explains what the truth actually is.

Ken discusses his role in the Arizona audit, and points out that he has never said that there was no fraud in the 2020 election, nor does he support illegal immigration. Many of the charges made against him are incorrect in so many ways.


2 thoughts on “Prescott Talks: Interview with Ken Bennett, candidate for Arizona State Senate, LD-1”

  1. No question Ken Bennett is a nice man who loves Arizona and Prescott. As for all who signed the “Pledge” to support Bennett and oppose Steve Zipperman are also favoring the “good ole boys” who run politics behind the scenes. Phil Goode should know better as he was able to beat the GOB ‘s candidate for mayor of Prescott. Looking back 19 years, I recall Ken Bennett coming to Prescott Valley and cheering on the Fain Family who was pushing for an event center in PV. That event center was built with about 70% being put on the shoulders of the PV taxpayers. While the Bennett’s and Fain’s are conservative’s, they also represent the power of the historic ruling class in the greater Prescott area. We need the conservative voice of a constitutional conservative; Steve Zipperman.

  2. If I still lived in the Prescott/PV area, I would vote for Steve Zipperman, a true Constitutional Conservative.

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