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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in June of 2022, the consumer price index rose to 9.1%, the fastest pace for inflation in forty years. Communities have felt raising gas prices, higher rent, and larger grocery bills. As a result, more of our neighbors, friends, and families are turning to nonprofits and government entities to fill the gaps. However, needed AmeriCorps members are not there to provide a helping hand – they cannot find affordable housing.

Arizona Serve of Prescott College, an AmeriCorps program based in Prescott, AZ, is looking for five dedicated community members willing to open their homes or provide reduced rent to full-time volunteers. These volunteers have all received background checks and will be working 40 hours with area nonprofits like The United Way of Yavapai County, The YMCA, The Launch Pad, and government entities like the Prescott Unified School District and Yavapai County Community Health Services. They come from across the country to Yavapai County to devote a year to give back to the community.

“Our volunteer numbers are nowhere near what we have seen in previous years,” said Annie Haseley, Executive Director of Arizona Serve. “We have seen so many individuals willing to serve, but they simply cannot afford the increasing rent.”

Families, couples, or individuals with a spare room, individuals with a second home on their property, or landlords are needed to act as temporary hosts for full-time arriving volunteers or agree to provide a home for ten to twelve months. Hosts can be compensated for utilities and other costs. Individuals willing to host should contact Brandon White, AmeriCorps Program Manger at 623-282-2073 or

“We have so many caring individuals in this community and we are hopeful that Prescott will rally around our nonprofits,” said Haseley.

AmeriCorps began in 1993 and provides human capital to nonprofit and government entities. Arizona Serve, which has been a fixture in Yavapai County since 2006, acts as an intermediary program. Another way to give back is also to serve. Individuals interested in serving should look on the website at for openings or contact Annie Haseley at


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  1. This is a real tragedy. Everyone sees their life savings being destroyed by Joe Biden and his Violent Radical Left Cash Grabber buddies and they have to cut back on charitable giving (of time or money) and perhaps take a second job to keep their heads above water, figuratively speaking.

    If you want Fentanyl poisoning, electoral theft, the destruction of the US energy industry, madness in our schools and horrible inflation, then by all means vote for a Democrat or a slimy, self-serving RINO.

    If you want safety, security, economic prosperity and real action on the filth that deal drugs, then vote only for Constitutional Conservatives.

    Donald Trump 2024

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