New National Poll: Arizonans Blame Biden for Rising Prices and Worry Biden-Backed Antitrust Proposals Will Worsen Inflation

A new poll conducted by Echelon Insights and released by NetChoice, a trade association committed to making the internet safe for free enterprise and free expression, found that Arizona voters blame President Biden for soaring inflation and are worried that antitrust proposals like Sen. Klobuchar’s S. 2992, which is backed by President Biden, will continue to raise prices even further.

“Arizona voters want Congress – especially Sens. Sinema and Kelly – to prioritize inflation and economic instability, not Beltway-born antitrust proposals that could raise prices,” said Steve DelBianco, President & CEO of NetChoice. “63% of Arizonans think our country is heading in the wrong direction, and 62% of voters say Congress should focus on fixing the economy — the last thing Congress should be doing is spending time on legislation that only 1% of the population nationally sees as a priority.”

Nationally, the poll revealed 85% of Americans said they are at least somewhat concerned about tech antitrust proposals increasing prices and that 40% of GOP-leaning voters and 37% of Democrat-leaning voters said they are “extremely concerned” about such proposals making inflation worse.

Additional Arizona voter highlights from the Echelon Insights poll include:

  1. 62% of Arizonans say the economy and inflation are the biggest issues facing the nation followed by 27% saying immigration and 21% saying gun control.
  2. 67% of Arizonans are concerned proposals to regulate tech will make inflation worse. 65% are concerned new regulations will make it easier for politicians to pressure tech to serve their political interests. 55% are concerned about regulations making tech harder to use.
  3. Regulating the tech industry is the lowest policy priority for American voters today – less than 1% of Americans responded that they think the government should prioritize regulating tech, which is less than the margin of error.
  4. When asked specifically about priorities for tech, only 11% of Arizonans said that antitrust is priority for them on tech – 40% want privacy and security online, and 25% see content moderation as the most important.
  5. Voters trust the free market (67%) more than the government (12%) to come up with solutions for improving competition. 80% of Republicans and 51% of Democrats trust the free market, rather than the government, to improve competition in tech.
  6. 80% say Congress should learn more about tech companies before trying to regulate them.

This poll was conducted between June 17-24, 2022, among 9,227 U.S. registered voters: a national sample of 2,031 plus 530 additional interviews in Alabama, 260 in Alaska, 724 in Arizona, 419 in Arkansas, 957 in Florida, 641 in Indiana, 420 in Kansas, 534 in Louisiana, 379 in Montana, 443 in Mississippi, 877 in North Carolina, 249 in North Dakota, 396 in South Dakota, and 975 in Texas. The interviews were conducted online, and the data were weighted to approximate a target sample of adults based on gender, educational attainment, age, race, and region. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2.1 percentage points.  Topline polling data can be found here alongside further resources.


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  1. Communism’s Utopian World government is aggressively on the march. The Biden -Obama This Democrat administration is led by Susan Rice in disregarding the constitution and using federal power to advance a One World Government. The formerly benevolent Democrat Party of J F Kennedy is dead. With all safety alarms ignored, we are speeding towards another “rigged” election. It wont be 2,000 mules, it will be politicized organizations funded by our federal dollars with the task to register reluctant and illegal persons to vote Democrat in ALL states. Add in a continuance of voter fraud by dominion voting equipment in many states and we could have a repeat of 2020. And what is Republican leadership doing about it? Basically nothing. We had better double up on helping Donald J Trump and his team or we will become just another region of a One World Government.

  2. Joe Biden’s dreadful economic policies and his assumption that he’s the King are already spelling electoral doom for the Democrats and their Violent Radical Left Cash Grabbing buddies. The most awesome news of all is the flight of Hispanic, Black and Asian voters from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party and that news has the Democrats worried to the moon. That makes them even more likely to lie, cheat & steal, so we need to be vigilant.

    All Americans should be ready to vote in both the Primaries and the Election. We should also volunteer to keep an eye out for electoral theft. First sign of trouble, bring the hammer of the law down on the perpetrator’s head and make them pay a heavy price in cash and prison time. The Democrats and the Violent Radical Left Cash Grabbers want to play hardball, let’s oblige them.

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