Miraculous Outcome to Deadly Rollover, Stark Reminder That Seatbelts Save Lives

On Saturday July 9, 2022, around 3 pm Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to a single vehicle rollover on Iron Springs Road. The vehicle failed to navigate a curve safely and went on the shoulder of the road before striking some large granite boulders and finally rolling over. Deputies confirmed that the seatbelt was in the locked-out position indicating that it was on at the time of the accident.

“I’m confident that that if this person wasn’t wearing the seatbelt, they would not have survived the accident. This is a stark reminder that seatbelts save lives”, said YCSO Sergeant Lewis.

YCSO will continue doing speed details on Iron Springs Road as well as other County roadways with a focus on seatbelt enforcement, reminding citizens to Slow Down and Buckle Up!


1 thought on “Miraculous Outcome to Deadly Rollover, Stark Reminder That Seatbelts Save Lives”

  1. I can see it now, scores of idiots around town thinking “I have my seat belt on, so I can drive as fast as I want”.

    The message should be “Slow down”.

    FACT: Massive carnage occurs on US roads every day. The only thing doing more damage to Americans is Fentanyl poisoning.

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