Sustainability Takes the Wedding Industry by Storm with a Helping Hand from Technology

Eco-friendly weddings are officially one of the top trends of the year in Arizona and beyond, as reported by wedding specialists BridesHitched, and The Knot. “Create memories, not trash” is the year’s slogan, as more couples aim to do their share to lower the whopping carbon footprint caused by the average wedding (around 62 tons of CO2 every year). The Knot reports that around two-thirds of site users have incorporated eco-friendly touches into their wedding, with strategies including the avoidance of single-use products, the minimization of food waste, and the use of second-hand décor. Technology is also helping organizers battle climate change and up the entertainment factor of weddings.


Tech for Minimizing Food Waste

Food can have a huge environmental impact in weddings. In everyday life, meat accounts for approximately 14% of all human-caused greenhouse emissions. As such, many couples are choosing more (or exclusively) plant-based items for their menus. They are also relying on websites and apps to gauge guests’ preferences and special dietary needs prior to the big day. Couples are also relying on caterers who rely on digital tools to help reduce kitchen waste. These tools include the use of artificial intelligence to monitor waste, cut costs, save time, and run more sustainable kitchens.


Embracing Lab-Grown Diamonds

Diamonds are still the most popular gemstone for engagement and wedding jewellery, though savvy couples are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint in these symbolic items. When produced under the right conditions, lab-grown diamonds can have a lower carbon footprint than mined ones. Of course, this is only the case if they use the clean chemical vapor deposition technique (commonly used in the US and India) as opposed to high-pressure, high-temperature technology (as is usual among manufacturers in China). The good news for those into high-shine gems is that ‘green’ synthetic diamonds are known for their brilliance. They can also boast a large carat size and be made into numerous wedding ring styles and cuts.


Sustainable Bridal Fashions

Sustainable clothing has come a long way, with brands embracing concepts such as circular design, living clothing, and fully compostable clothing. The bridal sector is also doing its share, with companies like Wear Your Love creating items from 100% cotton, with minimal waste produced. Brands like Leanne Marshall are also big on recycling; all their trimmings and textile waste are responsibly recycled. Packaging is another big priority. Trendy brand, Grace Loves Gowns, is packaging dresses in compostable plastics. This brand is famed for its 100% recycled lace and its sustainable lace, which is made from 97% recycled materials. Sustainability additionally embraces fair wages and these companies ensure that their employees have good wages and a sound work-life balance.


Technology is playing a big role in reducing the carbon footprint of weddings. Caterers, for instance, are now working to minimize waste by monitoring food waste via AI. Sustainable gemstones are also in, with the clean chemical vapor deposition technique producing stunning diamonds that are packed with shine. Finally, bridal wear has become ultra-sustainable, with couples choosing recycled outfits contained in eco-friendly packaging.


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