ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration to Host NASA Webb Telescope’s First Images

On Tuesday July 12, NASA will unveil the first images from the new James Webb Space Telescope. With more than six times the light-gathering power of the Hubble Telescope, scientists believe the Webb telescope will deliver vivid new views of the universe and important new discoveries.

Rogier Windhorst, Regents Professor with the School of Earth and Space Exploration, is one of the world’s six Interdisciplinary Scientists for the new telescope. Windhorst and team will join the School of Earth and Space Exploration community to view Webb’s First Images. His group at ASU plans to use JWST to map the Epoch of First Light in detail. This will help advance understanding of the early origins of the universe.

7:30 a.m. (AZ time) – viewing of the NASA event begins

NASA live broadcast:

NASA site to download images:

More about NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope:

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