Chino Valley Pharmacy Burglary

On 06/27/2022 at approximately 3:29 am, three unknown individuals broke into the Chino Valley Pharmacy located at 1932 N. S.R. 89. The suspects entered the locked business through the front door.

The suspects stole thousands of dollars’ worth of narcotic drugs and exited the business at approximately 3:31 am. All suspects wore gloves, facemasks and hooded jackets in an attempt to conceal their identities.

These same suspects are also believed to have committed a burglary at a pharmacy located in Dewey, AZ on 06/27/2022 at approximately 4:00 am.

If anyone has information regarding this incident contact Chino Valley Police Department at (928) 636-4223, dispatch at (928) 771-2366, or Yavapai Silent witness at (800) 932-3232 and online at

Yavapai Silent Witness is offering up to a $600 reward for information leading to the arrest of these suspects.



1 thought on “Chino Valley Pharmacy Burglary”

  1. A $600 reward? I have a better idea.

    Offer a $10,000 reward and if the police get a tip and catch the three criminals, make the criminals pay the $10,000 blindly to the tipster. $3333.33 each. Now that’s “equity” done right.

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