Yavapai County Deputies Help Make Multiple Rescues on Agua Fria River

On June 24, 2022 at approximately 7:30 pm YCSO Deputies, Mayer Fire, DPS Ranger, YCSO Search and Rescue and Back Country Unit Swiftwater volunteers responded to assist with multiple rescues on the Agua Fria River in Mayer. A group of recreational all-terrain vehicle riders found themselves swept away by more than a fun evening. Following a flash flood in the area, one couple rolled their side-by-side and became stuck in a high point of the river. Quick acting YCSO deputies were able to coordinate the rescues without needing to deploy the Back County Swiftwater volunteers.

Another male and his ATV washed away by waters managed to self-rescue and make his way back up the river. An additional male in the group went missing after the sudden rains came through. The stranded couple and missing man were eventually located and rescued by the team of first responders and volunteers and flown to a landing zone set up at Mayer High School.


2 thoughts on “Yavapai County Deputies Help Make Multiple Rescues on Agua Fria River”

  1. I understand old Indian lore and early settlers knew of the dangers of flash floods. Today, hand held computers with a cell phone app have replaced the thinking mind of many; and it shows. People walking into poles, falling, walking into traffic and yes; crossing creek beds filling quickly. The rescue community is to be praised for their work. The stupid public; not so much.

  2. Agreed, the rescue crews should be commended for their excellent work.

    The hapless people they rescue should open their wallets and pay them for their services.

    Why should the taxpayer cough up money for the risks taken by others?

    You play. You pay.

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