How To Ensure Your Employee Are Doing Their Job During Remote Working

Remote working has been a pain point for many companies!

Not just for the employees, but also for the business owners, or the executive members whose job is to look into the smooth execution of work.

Although, there are some employees who are facing a hard time managing time and balancing between their work, and professional life. There are some who are simply taking advantage of this time and do not complete their daily task.

There have even been cases where employees have filled in their daily work updates, yet they were on an unofficial vacation somewhere outside, and the work is surely half-hearted.

This is one of the reasons why you will need a proper system that can track their work, especially when they are working remotely.

This is not to create a strict disciplinary system and turn their own houses into prison, but to integrate honesty among your employees and colleagues.


Why Do You Need To Take Measures

Here are some of the reasons why you need to take appropriate measures when it comes to supervising your employees during remote working.

– To ensure they are working properly and submitting their work within the appropriate deadline.

– It is also a duty to ensure that your employees are not overworking themselves.

– For proper integration when all of them are sitting in different corners of the country or world.

– To create good communication between all.

– To promote fair wages for people who are doing their job and the ones who are taking advantage of the situation.


How To Ensure Your Employee Is Doing Their Job

With the number of tasks an employee needs to accomplish daily, most managers think it’s impossible to track their employees’ movements. This problem becomes even more impossible when the organization is huge, and a job travels between different departments.

However, there are methods to do so. You just need the right approach. Below are the given methods that we use to manage our employees and maintain productivity.


Employee Time Tracking Using an Online Time Clock

The best way to track whether or not your employees are being productive is using an online time clock app. It is basically a tool that tracks your employees’ location spent throughout their shift.

Depending on how you manage these implementations, you can mandate that your employees use this software to track all their projects and ensure they are running on time.

If time tracking software is what you are looking for in your business to boost productivity, you might want to try using an online time clock to track employee hours like Breeze Clock, so you can see where your employees have been going through the day.


Track Capacity

Every team is different and has different capacities. So, it’s important that you know what your team is capable of and allocates only enough work they can do without any mistakes.

This is where a scheduling can help you maintain the balance between the amount of effort invested in and the work you can get in results.

Create a capacity spreadsheet that knows every team member’s capacity and calculates the amount every team member can produce in a given amount of time.


Focus On The Goals, Not Hours Worked

We have seen that too many managers try to micromanage everything. This tends to be not only unproductive but also demotivates the employees. With this type of management, employees lose their interest in the work and start counting their minutes staying in the organization.

You must know that well-trained staff does not need any monitoring. They are well aware of their responsibilities and know what needs to be done.

So, instead of focusing on employee time tracking, you must focus on the goal. This will give your employees something to feel a sense of achievement after the completion.


Final Tip: Reduce Monitoring

Yes, if you want your employees to work productively, you need to reduce monitoring. The impulse to monitor your employees is understandable, especially during these tough times. But, if you emphasize too much on monitoring that track employee hours, you will show that you have trust issues with your employees. You don’t trust them with the work.

This kind of thinking among the employees will stop them giving their all. Whether your employees are coming to the office or working from, you must look for the places where you can pull back monitoring efforts and trust your employees will do their work diligently.

This will help you communicate trust and foster a work environment where they feel needed.


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