Arizona Sports Betting Hits New Heights

The latest reported figures showed that Arizona has hit new highs with regard to the overall mobile sports betting market. In March, a total of $691 million was wagered in the state, and that represents a big record and what is interesting to see is the sheer dominance of the mobile numbers.

Over 99.5% of the sums bet in the Grand Canyon state came from mobile, and a big reason for the high numbers was, of course, the NCAA March Madness action that grips the entire country in March. 

Sportsbooks in Arizona are in a healthy place right now, and you can expect the numbers to continue to impress in the coming months. The increase in March measured a 40% jump from February, and that shows just how much Arizonians like their sports betting. 

These are the latest numbers, so you can expect decent showings in the months following March, not least as the state’s biggest basketball team, the Phoenix Suns (who lost out in the NBA finals last year to the Milwaukee Bucks), made it through to the post-season and as far as the Conference semi-finals. Their defeat at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks was certainly impacted by an outbreak of COVID-19 in their camp.

The Arizona Department of Gaming certainly has a great deal to be excited about, and their director Ted Vogt is keen to see the surge continue;

“March was an exciting month for Arizona event wagering, with major sporting events like NCAA’s March Madness helping set a single month event wagering record,” 

“I look forward to seeing how the industry continues to develop as we finish out the first year of legal event wagering in the coming months.”

As has been the case with other states, the key players in the market remain FanDuel and DraftKings, with the pair leading the way in terms of betting handle and revenue, and behind these two comes Caesars Sportsbook.

The sports betting market continues to grow in the US, and the legalization of activity in New York, which began back in January, appears to be paving the way for other largely populated states to follow suit.

Texas, California, and Florida, the three most populated states in the country with a combined population of just under 75 million, are said to be next in line to pass the relevant legislation. 

All three states will have watched on excitedly at the amount of tax revenue brought in since New York legalized the market. The tax rate in the Empire State stands at a massive 51%, and the numbers being generated there are huge and the kind of revenue that Texas, California, and Florida can no longer ignore. 

A push for these, or any states, to join the fold is aided by the fact that they are keen to avoid seeing tax dollars leave the state in the form of residents crossing relevant borders in order to place a bet; such was the case in terms of New Yorkers driving to New Jersey to get a slice of the action prior to legalization.

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