June 24, 2022

An overview of Bitcoin’s price so far this year

If you have never dabbled in cryptocurrency and have no idea what APE, DOGE, or XRP are, you probably still know Bitcoin and might even be watching bitcoin live price charts.  Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been around since 2008/9 and has a volatile and exciting past. Bitcoin was designed to decentralize cash. Meaning

Arizona Sports Betting Hits New Heights

The latest reported figures showed that Arizona has hit new highs with regard to the overall mobile sports betting market. In March, a total of $691 million was wagered in the state, and that represents a big record and what is interesting to see is the sheer dominance of the mobile numbers. Over 99.5% of

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Surprising Edible Plants for the Backyard – Ken Lain

Indigenous people have known many of these plants since the beginning. Here are some fun facts about local plants as tasty as they are pretty in the backyard gardens. Local Vegetable planting calendar that Works. Here is a listing of some edible perennials that may surprise you. All are available at Watters Garden Center or


Opinion: Biden Has Released More Than a Million Border-Jumpers Into the U.S. – Inside Sources

The crisis at the Southwest border has been largely forgotten. It’s getting worse, though, as disclosures reveal President Biden has allowed nearly 1.05 million migrants — more people than live in the president’s home state of Delaware — encountered at the Southwest border into the United States. Add in the “got aways”— migrants who successfully evaded Border Patrol —

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