AZ Attorney General’s Office Warns about THC Edibles Inside Imposters like Oreos & Trix

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is sounding the alarm about kids getting sick from THC-laced edibles found in popular brand packaging. The edibles are specifically designed to appeal to children using trusted brands like Oreos and Fruit Loops and familiar characters such as Trix’ Silly Rabbit and Cheetos’ Chester Cheetah.

The lookalike bags are inexpensive and readily available online which are then stuffed with products coated with THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and sold on various e-commerce sites and specialty shops. Those illicit products are making their way into homes and in some cases, ending up in the wrong hands and harming children.

“This should be troubling for all of us, because what this packaging is clearly designed to do, is to trick consumers,” said Attorney General Mark Brnovich. “Our kids look at this and think, ‘this looks like the breakfast cereal I eat,’ and they consume something that could be very dangerous to them.”

The FDA issued a warning last month after nationwide reports that more than 1 harming,00 young people were hospitalized from accidentally eating the copycat THC edibles. In addition to the hospitalizations, the agency cites tens of thousands of calls to poison control in regards to kids and unintentional exposure to the packaged THC products.

AGTV spoke with William Miller, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel for General Mills, about what major consumer brands are doing about the problem.

To learn more about THC Lookalikes, click here.


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