Jellema Tops Jackson In Playoff For Horseshoe Tournament Champion

Photo: Class D champ Gerald Stainbrook

A playoff was needed Saturday to determine the Class A champion in the “Bring Them To Ring Them” Tournament held in Prescott Valley. Emery Jackson of Keams Canyon, and Clarence Jellema of Mesa, were forced to pitch extra to determine first place. Jellema was able to win that game and the Title of Tournament Champion, and also had the highest game of the day pitching a 66% his first game. Third place went to Modesta Ramirez of Kingman.

Class B was another tight class. Hal Handleman of Chino Valley pitched his average of 41% and placed third. Patti Lopez Cepero of Prescott Valley, and Steve Harman from Surprise had a battle to tie for first place. Harman beat Lopez-Cepero in their first game, and Handleman edged out Harman in their game. It came down to who pitched their best. Cepero pitched 38.50% and Harman pitched 46.50% Harman taking home the Class Champion title and patch. Harman also had the high game in that class pitching two 60% games.

Class C was a tight group, with only a 3% spread to start the day. This group really came to play, as Jay Mast of Prescott Valley, and Mike Brewer of Prescott, battled for a second place tie, as Brewer edged out Mast for the runner-up spot. Joe Starika of Prescott Valley was able to make some key ringers, and take home first place pitching 30% and Class C Champion.

Gerald Stainbrook of Surprise swept the D class, going 4-0 and taking home the Class D title. Terry Sloan from Prescott, although having the highest game in this group 28%, settled for second place with a record of 3-1.

Although the weather was nice, the players struggled to hit their percentages. Only two players in the entire tournament were able to make their entry percentage. Patti Lopez Cepero and Gerald Stainbrook.

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