WHO Are You? Gosar Fights to Protect America’s Sovereignty from World Health Organization Efforts – Rep. Paul Gosar

I’ve written extensively on Joe Biden’s efforts to cede American sovereignty to unelected global foreigners at the World Health Organization (WHO). Specifically, the Biden administration submitted changes to the WHO emergency response regulations that could give the WHO more power including declaring worldwide health emergencies at will, mandating sovereign countries to lockdown and requiring vaccine and passport mandates. Thousands of constituents have written me over the past few weeks to oppose Biden’s latest efforts to surrender America’s public health to anti-American globalists.  I agree with you! This America Last policy is an insult to every American citizen. If you missed it or need a refresher, you can click here to read more about my concerns with the WHO that I shared in a recent newsletter.

This week, I cosponsored the Protecting American Sovereignty Act, legislation that would prevent Joe Biden from surrendering American sovereignty to the WHO through the proposed Global Pandemic Treaty. Specifically, the legislation prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars from carrying out the treaty, therefore blocking it from taking effect.

Text of this important legislation can be found here.

In a related matter, I also cosponsored the WHO Withdrawal Act. This legislation requires Mr. Biden to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO), repeals the law that originally authorized the United States to join the WHO, and prevents taxpayer money from being spent to participate in the WHO.

The WHO is a corrupt and feckless international institution completely beholden to China and cares nothing about the United States.  President Trump was 100% right to withdraw the U.S. from this organization.

The legislation may be read here.


2 thoughts on “WHO Are You? Gosar Fights to Protect America’s Sovereignty from World Health Organization Efforts – Rep. Paul Gosar”

  1. Paul Gosar comes through for us yet again.

    This is more crystal clear evidence that the Radical Left Cash-Grabbers will do absolutely anything to seize power and steal our money, including the bizarre idea of handing over American sovereignty to a corrupt, parasitic organization like the World “Health” Organization.

    Meanwhile, our hapless Senators Kelly and Sinema, who are supposed to be watching the backs of all Arizonans, have done nothing to stop Biden’s madness. It looks like they’re too busy spending our money.

    And remember Hillary Clinton wanted to hand over the policies related to US citizen firearms ownership (you know, the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment) to the United Nations?

    Keep all of this in mind when it’s time to cast your vote in November.

  2. But wait, there’s more.

    Joe Biden put on the weakest display in US Presidential history when he said to the Socialist PM of New Zealand that “We need your guidance”. The US President should be leading the world, not begging like a little puppy dog from the known Leftist leader of a small country that is now very much looking like a dictatorship.

    Fact: in 2007, Jacinda Ardern was elected President of the “International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY)”. “Socialist Youth” = Unemployable cash grabbers, probably with a useless degree and a mountain of debt.

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