Opinion: Why Mass Shooting Happen at Schools – Buz Williams

A belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness” – Joseph Conrad

With the horrific killing of students at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the question that begs to be answered is why so many of these real life nightmares are occurring at schools? While the swamp denizens are pointing fingers and carping about “sensible” gun control laws, a rational look at these massacres is where answers can be found.

Politicians, most having little imagination or thinking of consequences, did what politicians always do. In 1990, federal and state governments started passing laws making it a crime to knowingly carry a gun in school zones. What passed for their thinking was, who would risk prison time by carrying a firearm into a “gun free zone”? Duh, how about a criminal or homicidal maniac? Even though the federal law was found to be unconstitutional in 1995, it was rewritten and again passed into law.

The unintended consequence of these laws was to put targets on every school in the country. Why? Because if you are a homicidal and/or suicidal bad guy, you want to make a name for yourself before you leave this existence. You are going to want to get a high body count. That won’t occur if you go shoot up a police station. You know you would be lucky to shoot one or two people before you would be filled with lead from return fire from all the cops. But where won’t you get return fire? Gun free zones, of course.

Watching news coverage of this immense tragedy, the heart aches at seeing the family members who have lost children or spouses. One can only imagine the terror felt by these poor kids in the presence of this murderous ogre. The first reports, as they always are, were confusing and later proved to be mostly wrong. This will always be the case when a rapacious press is demanding answers to questions that can only be answered after time reveals them.

That is why after military or police incidents, they have debriefings. These debriefings produce after action reports that determine what was done right, what was done wrong and suggesting ways to improve responses in future, similar incidents. The law enforcement officers in the school hallway are being criticized for waiting the better part of an hour to breach the locked doors behind which the murderer and his victims were barricaded. With some children injured and possibly bleeding out, this sounds like a valid assessment. But those of us who have served search warrants and breached many doors know that a door that opens out, that is locked from the inside, is almost impossible to breach without a pick, a ram and/or a heavy duty pry bar. So the need of those tools or a door key are required. Unfortunately, that takes some time. A thorough investigation will determine if too much time was taken and judgement should be withheld until then.

We know that these school shootings have been going on since at least as far back as Columbine in 1999. Many school districts and schools have “hardened” their facilities, developed drills and procedures to minimize these tragedies from occurring, but it takes money. Many poor and rural areas don’t have the tax base or the money to do that adequately. Since the federal government created the Department of Education, how many billions have been spent, just to pay the bureaucrats there? To say that the Dept. of Education has wasted a large portion of that money is indisputable. Student test scores haven’t gone up since the inception of that useless, tax draining bureaucracy. It seems like their main job is to try out new, useless educational and social theories on the nation’s children.

The money spent on Common Core, gender studies, Critical Race Theory and other leftist grooming indoctrinations would be much better served going to school security. Surely, local schools could put better use to this money, through federal grants.

There have been proposals. In 2013, I believe Senator Cruz proposed a bill that would have provided 1.3 billion dollars in federal grants to make our schools more secure. The Democrats refused to bring it up for a vote. School safety, if any idea ever was, should be a non-partisan issue. Why would Democrats continuously vote down money for protecting our children? Are they holding our children hostage in order to get what they really want – gun control? Despite all of their attempts to legislatively circumvent the 2nd Amendment, they know they can’t do it without going through the amendment process.

Cynics that they are, Democrats appear to need school shootings to advance their gun control agenda and to enliven their unenlightened base. Remember their mantra: “Never let a crisis go to waste.”


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  1. A deep forensic look back on the profile of the shooter and any police-school records on his behavior must be honestly developed. Also how was the shooter able to acquire his weapons and related support gear. What is the time line of first sighting, calls to 9-1-1 as well as cell calls from victims. Clearly this Uvalde incident disclosed 9-1-1 and cell calls were not directed to the police at the scene. Clearly open and unlocked doors were a problem as was school fencing and no single source entrance. The last and most ignorant solution is the call to ban firearms used by the shooter. Only good people obey laws; not the mentality deranged with evil intent.

  2. Another great article, Buz. Thank you.

    It’s truly incredible that the Democrat Party filibustered sensible school hardening legislation back in 2013 (and again thereafter if I’m not mistaken), yet they start pretending they actually care about solutions and, of course, scream hysterically their “blood is on the hands of Republicans” and other nonsense.

    Here’s the hard fact. Had the Democrat Party not blocked the Cruz-Grassley Act (via the filubuster they now want to eliminate to advance their cash-grabbing legislation), we would now be 9 years into real protection for school children against seriously evil people.

    But, I have faith that the typical US voter will see through the Democrat skulduggery and understand that the Radical Left Cash Grabbers will do absolutely anything to seize political power, destroy the US Constitution and take everyone’s money.

  3. George Hotchkiss

    Mr. Steele, You asked “how was the shooter able to acquire his weapons and related support gear”, the answer is he bought them all legal and everything.

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