Traffic Stop Leads to Home Raid Where 18-Month-Old Baby Found Amongst Drug Stash

Around mid-day June 1, 2022, a Prescott Police officer made a traffic stop in Dewey on 31-yr-old Amber Dawn Lee of Dewey. During the stop the officer noticed that Ms. Lee was acting in an excessively nervous manner. This prompted the officer to deploy a K9 around her vehicle, which resulted in the finding of approximately 200 fentanyl pills in a backpack and more in her shoe. Deputies later secured cause for a warrant to search Ms. Lee’s residence.

In the early evening hours of June 1, 2022, the warrant was executed, and search of the residence began. After knocking on the door and announcing entrance, Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking (PANT) personnel entered the home. Upon opening a locked door to a room inside, PANT detectives found an 18-month-old baby asleep in the room along with approximately 1 pound of methamphetamine and over 500 additional fentanyl pills. Immediately and gently, the baby was carried to a safe place outside the residence. After an altercation with officers, another resident in the home, 37-yr-old Robert Dunmire of Dewey was taken into custody.

Department of Child Safety (DCS) was contacted and have the baby. Both Ms. Lee and Mr. Dunmire have multiple charges against them including possession of narcotics for sale and child abuse and have been booked into Yavapai County Jail.

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