Exhibit of famed prehistoric cave to open in Marseille – Associated Press

A permanent virtual exhibit of one of France’s most famous prehistoric sites, the undersea Cosquer Cave, is set to open its doors as concerns grow that it could be completely inundated as a result of rising tides driven by climate change.

As of Saturday, visitors to the port city of Marseille will be able to see the Cosquer Mediterranee, a replica of the over 30,000-year old site. The visual and audio “experience” features copies of the prehistoric paintings that made the cave internationally famous.

The Cosquer Cave was discovered in 1985 by diver Henri Cosquer, in deep waters off the Marseille coastline.

Years in the making, the exhibit offers the chance to the public to discover the cave of which only 20% currently remains dry and accessible. Officials say the cave’s remaining dry areas are under threat of being flooded because of the effects of climate change.


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  1. Of course the seas rose as the glaciers melted some 40,000 years ago. No man caused global warming then. This is nothing more than an interesting historical site being used to further frighten people unnecessarily.

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