Top State Political Figures Endorse Ed Cocchiola for Mayer JP Court

Several top state political figures will be in Black Canyon City  this Sunday to support Ed Cocchiola’s Campaign Kickoff for Mayer Justice of the Peace.  Mr. Cocchiola, a long time Mayer resident and current Board member of the Mayer Water District is running to succeed Bill Rummer who is not seeking another term.

The event is scheduled for Sunday, June 5, from 3 to 5 pm,  at Chilleen’s in Black Canyon City,  33150 S. Coldwater Road, Exit 244 from 1-17.  The event will feature free food and a cash bar. The public is invited.  An  RSVP is not required.

Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio,  “America’s Toughest Sheriff”  will be in attendance and is expected to formally endorse Cocchiola’s candidacy. Other confirmed guests supporting Ed Cocchiola for Mayer JP are  former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and former  Congressman Trent Franks.  Mr. Horne  is a candidate in the Republican Primary for State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Current LD1 State  Representative Judy Burges will be on hand to offer her support, and  Yavapai County Republican activist and former law enforcement official, Wiley Cline has confirmed his attendance.  Mr. Cocchiola has been endorsed by the Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs.

Justice Courts in Arizona are typically courts of original jurisdiction for misdemeanor offenses, with felony cases referred to county Superior Courts.   The presiding judge in a Justice Court, known as a Justice of the Peace, is an elected official.  Cases are resolved in Justice Courts by the presiding Judge acting without a jury.

They include most traffic offenses, small civil claims  and a wide variety of misdemeanor offenses  including  minor assaults,  disorderly  conduct, shoplifting, trespassing,  animal control  and  littering.

Although the jurisdiction of a Justice Court is limited to misdemeanors, under Arizona’s tough criminal justice system, the penalties can involve substantial fines and even jail time.  The presiding judges are typically local  figures who are well known in  their communities and enjoy reputations  for probity, fairness and personal integrity. They must stand for election every four years.

Mr. Cocchiola has stated that “everyone who walks into my courtroom is presumed innocent.  My job is to respect  the Constitutional rights of everyone and give justice to the people.  I’m someone who is of the people,  I’m  one of the people. As a judge,  I’ll never forget that.”

This Sunday’s event in Black Canyon City is one of several public events planned by the Cocchiola campaign.  Mr. Cocchiola has stated an interest in meeting as many residents of the Mayer Justice Court district as possible.  His Campaign Kickoff this Sunday,  at Chilleen’s in Black Canyon City,  33150 South Coldwater Road,  Exit 244 from 1-17,  from 3 pm to 5 pm, is free and open to the public.

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