Opinion: Pure Evil – Buz Williams

Evil enters like a needle and spreads like an oak tree.” – an Ethiopian proverb

We just returned from a trip to California. One of our daughter-in-laws had an operation that required her to be hospitalized for a few days and we went to babysit the grandkids while she was in the hospital and recovering. While we may think that things are bad here in Arizona, they are worse in the former Golden State. For a few decades, it was widely believed and stated, “where California goes the rest of the nation will follow.” It was at least partially true in entertainment, culture, business and education. Let’s pray that it is not true now.

Growing up in the 1950s and 60s, California was a leader in so many industries. Hollywood was the epicenter of the entertainment world. Most of the major aerospace companies were located there. The California demand for muscle cars and for travel freedom had a major effect on the car industry. Later the demand for lower cost, more fuel efficient autos seemed to have started in that state. Property tax reform, fair housing, criminal law reform, if not specifically birthed in California, at least matured and blossomed there. The “Three strikes and you’re out” law was a major cause for the downturn in California crime.

So what happened in California? Little by little evil took over. Small, tiny weeds poked through the ground and began growing. Nobody noticed at first. Since no one pulled them out by the roots, the evil kept growing and multiplying. People voted for it and elected the promoters of it.

To be fair, the voters were often hoodwinked into voting for things that they never would have, if they were labeled correctly. For instance, a bail reform initiative named, “Releasing arrestees without posting bail, so they can commit more crimes”, would never get voted in. If, however, it was described as “a reform that allowed ‘non-violent’ suspects to return to their families and jobs, while awaiting trial, without the requirement of posting bail”, it would likely be passed by the voters.

That’s what evil does to get its way. The essence of evil is lying, obfuscation and confusion. Political candidates do it all the time to get elected and not just Democrats. But in California the Democrats control nearly all elected state offices. They’ve gerrymandered Assembly, state Senate and Congressional districts to ensure that they will always be in control.

Just look at the evil they’ve done in that state. Homelessness is way out of control, (and like all progressive solutions, the politicians’ answer is to throw more money at it). Crime is exploding and in many leftist jurisdictions they want to or have defunded the police. They call conservatives “science deniers”, yet many claim that biological men can have babies, “chest feed”, menstruate, and compete in women’s sports. If “wokism” wasn’t born in California, it sure flourishes there. In many of the elementary, middle and high schools, they teach Critical Race Theory, transgender issues, sexual orientation and transvestite story hour. Then after grooming the kids with this garbage, teachers will ask them to “pick their pronouns”. I know this because my 12 year-old grandson told about it. This stuff is pure evil. It is not only happening in the once Golden State, but in most, if not all states controlled by the Democrats. Some of this is already leaking into Arizona and other red states. We need to join together and stop it now.


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  1. In California most people were happy and paid little attention to campaigns for propositions and candidates for elected office. Public employees in CA are mostly all in labor unions who fuel campaigns of those promising them the most. Ballot measures were worded so many voted “for” when the provisions were only serving those wanting to control people. CA can also thank a weak Republican Party for going along or not sufficiently fighting for the people for the decay in the standard of living. Air Quality Management Districts AQMD, forced costly changes in manufacturing and drove companies out of the state. AQMD was referred to as Another Qualified Manufacturer Departs. by the conservatives seeing through the fog of power politics.

  2. George Hotchkiss

    It is kind of ironic that the folks who move here from California complain about it, but they buy a half million dollar house here, for cash, and then deposit another half million in the bank, all because of California. I personally would have little interest in living in California, but 39 million people live there and for every Californian moving out of the state there is at least one moving in. Now, if housing prices in California were $100,000 for a 3×2 single family home, that would tell me no one wants to live there, but that home costs $1,000,000, so demand is high. I guess it has to do with what a person is looking for that determines where they live. I just wanted to point out that Mr. Williams Hellscape description of California apparently is not shared by all.

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