May 27, 2022

Yavapai College

15 Yavapai College students undergo transformations to join firefighter ranks

Fifteen Yavapai College students emerged from a grueling 17-week fire academy mentally and physically stronger, eminently capable of responding to emergencies and bonded with a cadre of lifelong friends. Their transformational academy experience earned them each the honor of joining the revered ranks of the fire service. “The mindset changed from ‘I am here for

Watch Experience: Streaming and Its Impact on The Entertainment Industry

It’s hard to imagine a world without streaming. This technology has completely transformed the entertainment industry, making it easier than ever for people to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. Let’s take a look at the history of streaming and how it has changed the way we consume media. We will also discuss the

Juvenile Delinquency

13-Year-Old Charged with Terrorism for Threatening School Shooting in Prescott

On the afternoon of May 17th YCSO investigated a report made by a school bus driver for Prescott Mile High Middle School who informed school administrators that a 13-year-old male student had made numerous threats to “shoot up the school”. The driver said the child made the threat three times while speaking to him during

Ken Lain - The Mountain Gardener

Planting Fresh Fruit for a Healthier You – Ken Lain

Early spring brings a sense of rejuvenation, vitality, and renewal. The revitalization gardeners witness from the fresh leaves and flowers in the gardens. The season also generates activity in plants that produce edibles, especially those fruit trees that flourish in the higher elevations of Arizona. But there is more to fruit trees than just a


Opinion: Think Twice Before Admitting Finland and Sweden to NATO – Inside Sources

It is an American trait to root for the underdog in any contest that pits David vs. Goliath. Therefore, it is understandable that most Americans (except for extreme MAGA types) are thrilled that Ukrainian forces have pushed the brutal, but hapless, Russian military away from Ukraine’s two largest cities and are gamely taking the fight

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