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At the age of 4, my mom and I fled Cuba’s oppressive communist regime. In spite of all the risks and uncertainty surrounding this very scary decision, we boarded a boat we didn’t even know was seaworthy, all on the hope of a free future in the United States. We arrived with nothing other than the clothes on our backs, but America’s freedom, values and endless opportunities propelled us forward and allowed us to persevere through the tough times.

Growing up, I looked to American leaders, trusting them to guide the way. Unfortunately, over time I began to realize that many politicians were guiding us backward — eroding the bedrock values that brought my mom and I to this country.

As a proud Floridian, I’ve seen firsthand how our nation is changing, and not for the better. The freedom, opportunity and values that have historically made America great are under attack. We’re facing an economic disaster made worse daily through awful leadership. Crime is on the rise, illegal immigration is out of control, and our position of strength on the world stage is falling apart. Even as the richest nation on earth, we’re still unable to provide baby formula under today’s leaders, a clear indication that Americans are not being prioritized by their own leaders.

But it wasn’t always like that. Under President Donald Trump’s leadership, the United States enjoyed record high employment, economic stability, national security and global respect. Many are yearning for a return to these policies and the prosperity that comes with good leadership. While his legacy persists, the era of Trump is over and it falls to all of us to look forward for solutions. This is why we need to rally behind a new leader who can undo the disastrous Biden agenda and right our course.

I know, as do so many others, that the only winning answer is Ron DeSantis.  And that’s why we must get ready for Ron.

Watching inflation skyrocket, and the markets crash is tough on everyone. Supply chain disruptions, the growing food shortages, and the threat of continued COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates are a continuing source of concern for all Americans, especially when there’s no confidence in political leadership to solve the underlying issues.

We cannot continue to stand by idly and witness the unraveling of our country. Now, more than ever, we must support political leaders who can stand on principle and right the ship, which is precisely why we’ve launched Ready for Ron, to persuade Florida governor Ron DeSantis to run for president of the United States in 2024.

DeSantis has a proven track record of standing up for America’s values. He is committed to defending the rights of parents, getting inflation and government spending under control, and solving the very problems put in motion by the radical left. Undeterred by bullies and the woke mob alike, he’s put Floridians first every step of the way.

As Florida’s chief executive, DeSantis worked to get crime under control. He unapologetically chose Florida values even when challenged by some of the largest and most prominent corporations. He kept Florida’s economy intact, and schools open at a time when many politicians were using the COVID-19 pandemic to derail our country. He’s demonstrated courage and isn’t afraid to fight for what is right.

True leaders do what is best. They make decisions rooted in reality and have the judgment to recognize what policies are no longer working. Leaders act and seek solutions rather than point fingers when things go wrong.

DeSantis has proven himself in Florida as a true leader, and we know he can do the same on a national scale. The United States is more than ready for DeSantis’ leadership. If anyone can get America back on track, it’s DeSantis, and we need him to run for president. That’s why we have to get Ready for Ron.


2 thoughts on “Opinion: Time to Get Ready for Ron DeSantis – Inside Sources”

  1. Great story, great article.

    The message to Sleepy Creepy Joe is clear, step aside and let competent Republicans show you how it’s done. DeSantis will make a great President and I hope he chooses his VP based on competency and ability, not the “attributes” that are so important to the Radical Left Clown Show.

  2. An unofficial, non scientific study of a dozen or so political friends shows me serious Republicans are split 50-50 about a Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis presidential candidate coming out of the 2024 Republican Convention. The rough talking Trump that got things done against the dark swamp impeding must be weighed against the mild mannered better speaking DeSantis. I doubt the cooperation of the deep-dark swamp would be any more cooperative. I suggest DeSantis may well have even greater pushback and therefor accomplish less. Make it a Trump-DeSantis ticket and let’s Rock in 2024 and beyond.

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