Yavapai CASA for Kids & the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Team up to Help 100 Foster Youth

Photo: Women’s League and Yavapai CASA for Kids representatives showing off the “CASA” Travel Bags for foster youth

Imagine being a child in foster care who is forced to throw all their belongings into a trash bag as they are transported from one foster family, who was supposed to care for you, to another who promises the same. Keep in mind this would be the second time you’d be removed from a family that was supposed to love and care for you. Now imagine packing your life into a trash bag, 3 more times during your stay in foster care.

That’s the reality for nearly 400 local foster youth who will have, on average, 3.4 foster placements during their time in the foster care system. This reality broke the hearts of Prescott Lutheran Women’s Missionary League who felt that the foster youth packing their belongings in trash bags “may feel like trash themselves.”

This heartbeat led these women to take action to show foster youth “that there are people who care for them in their hour of need.” The group came together and created what they call “CASA bags” which are hand-sewn large, laundry-like bags that close with a drawstring. These bags also have a place for the child’s name to be printed in order to reduce the likelihood of theft.

In honor of their Lutheran Women’s Missionary League’s 80th Anniversary and their dedication to the cause they made 100 “CASA bags” which they donated to Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation (YC4KF). YC4KF distributed the “CASA bags” between DCS, the Juvenile Justice Center, and their Barbara Polk Family Visitation Center. The bags will be given to foster youth.

“We couldn’t be more pleased that people in our community are keeping the legacy of our founder Barbara J. Polk strong by showing foster youth “they are loved, even if we don’t know their names,” said Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation Development Director, Mona Stephens.

Want to help local foster youth? Visit our website or call Mona at 928 445 0800 ext. 1002 for more information

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