Opinion: Incompetency Plus Conspiracy Equals Deconstruction – Buz Williams

With the fiasco of the Afghanistan withdrawal, the continuing open borders crisis, the highest inflation in half a century, the more than doubling of gas prices, the shortages in food, baby formula and other products, every one knows that President Biden, his administration and policies are the epitome of incompetency.

The Democrats and their co-conspirators in the media will never admit that. They have an uncanny ability to lie with a straight face and expect their listeners and readers to believe those lies. Many will, but more and more people are seeing through their pollution of the truth. Fewer and fewer people are willing to believe that there are 72 or more human sexes, and that men can have babies and menstrual cycles.

Who really believes, other than the woke morons, that biological men can fairly compete in women’s sports? It stretches credulity to accept the statements that all of the current Biden Administration problems were caused by former President Trump. All of us watched the Antifa/BLM riots in 2020. Since then, we have witnessed the killings, beatings, robberies and car-jackings. We’ve seen the gang smash and grabs and massive shoplifting.

Only the most naïve individuals would trust Biden and Attorney General Garland when they say and infer that the most dangerous threat to the safety of the American people is domestic terrorism represented by White racism, and “radical” conservatives. A vast majority of our citizens do not think that parents protesting the teaching of Critical Race Theory and sexual deviancy at local school board meetings, should be investigated by the FBI as domestic terrorists.

After his election, Barack Obama told us that he was going to “fundamentally change” the country. The pace of the change was greatly retarded when the Republicans took over Congress. A lot of that change was reversed after Donald Trump was elected president. When the Democrats, leftist, election mules, vote harvesters, biased media and elitist billionaires stuffed the ballot boxes and gave the stolen election to Joe Biden and both houses of Congress, the fanatic progressive Marxist/socialists had what they wanted. They were as close as they had ever been to deconstructing a capitalist, democratic republic. To deconstruct a country, you have to have a plan or blueprint. Socialist guru, Saul Alinsky, has provided such a plan. This administration is closely following this plan.

With Biden as their puppet, and many of Obama’s leftover appointees and bureaucrats in control, they have tried to implement as many of Saul Alinsky’s ideas for creating a socialist state. They have attempted to do this at warp speed because they know the American public will find them objectionable.

Some of these ideas have been in implementation over the years, like his idea to remove religion from schools and government. Alinsky’s idea about taking control of what children learn in school has been going on for decades, but with their control of the legislative and executive branches, the Democrats have increased their efforts. They see that the window of opportunity will close after the mid term elections.

Is this a conspiracy? All one has to do is read Saul Alinsky’s “Eight Levels of Control”, to confirm the reality of a conspiracy, at least since the election of President Obama. “Obamacare” was the manifestation of Alinsky’s first socialist principle, “Control health care and you control the people.” Next, old Saul wanted to increase poverty to the highest levels because poor people are easier to control.

Another level was to increase government debt. This would enable the government to increase taxes, which, in turn, would increase poverty. The COVID pandemic provided these anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Constitution socialists the opportunity to put into practice one more of Alinsky’s items. By their draconian lockdown rules, these leftists were able to increase the welfare roles and thus control many aspects of our lives: food, housing and income.

These modern Alinskyites have altered one of Saul’s components. He wanted to cause class warfare between the rich and the poor, but since so many of the billionaires seem to support socialist policies, they are attempting, with moderate success, to divide us by race.

The major failure in implementing Alinsky’s design, is in gun control. Despite all out attempts, and very biased media coverage, these would-be socialists have been unable to impact the 2nd Amendment. In fact, the last few years, judicial rulings have taken down several laws restricting gun possession. With all of the progressive, hyperbolic rhetoric about the January 6th “insurrection”, if they succeed in abolishing the right to bear arms, there will be a real insurrection.


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  1. Buz Williams gives the Obama-Biden administrations a good ole paddling. I suggest is would have been worse with Hillary Clinton winning in 2016 as she was supposed to. I have read where the people behind Dominion vote counting used fractional programing to crank 8% reversed votes favoring Clinton; but it was not enough and there was no “back-up” plan as was the case in 2020.
    The Biden administration and their MSM will keep up their attack on MAGA supporters until and unless “We the People” can elect a Super MAGA team in 2024 and deep clean the Washington bureaucracy.

  2. George Hotchkiss

    Mr. Steele, You wrote ” I have read where the people behind Dominion vote counting used fractional programing to crank 8% reversed votes favoring Clinton”. Where is that evidence? You accused a presidential candidate of rigging a National election, that is a huge deal, please provide links to evidence for us stupid people…

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