The Coalition for Compassion and Justice has a New Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the Coalition of Compassion and Justice (CCJ) is pleased to announce the appointment of Allison Lenocker as Executive Director, effective immediately. Allison previously served as Assistant Director, having joined CCJ in May, 2017. Prior to her time with CCJ, Allison worked at Mingus Mountain Academy as a group leader, team leader, and case manager. Allison brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Executive Director position, and the board is confident that she will not only fulfill the duties of Executive Director, but also lead the CCJ to accomplish the goals and vision of the organization and beyond.

“The board is thrilled to have Allison move into the Executive Director position,” says Amber Davies-Sloan, Board President. “She has a great passion for CCJ and its mission and we could immediately see that she was the best choice to continue to lead the important work CCJ does for our community. We look forward to working with her and the CCJ staff on projects such as Paloma Village and Second Chance Housing.”

Jessi Hans, the outgoing CCJ Executive Director, has a long history of working with Allison and considers her a close friend and colleague. “Allison has been a huge part of the success of our programs and housing initiatives at CCJ. She is an incredible human being that cares about others deeply, with a heart of gold, and handles many things with wit and humor. I trusted her in some of the hardest circumstances and always relied on her to be the last person standing next to me at the end of a long day. She truly is the heart of CCJ, and what powers this organization and keeps it going.”

Allison looks forward to a bright future with CCJ and is ready to take the reins. “I’m so excited to continue the legacy that is CCJ.  The work that we do is so important to the community and my plan is to fulfill our mission of ending and preventing homelessness.  I have been mentored by Jessi for many years and my hope is that I will continue the momentum that she started.  CCJ is unlike other agencies in that we are effecting change by building relationships and partnerships with not only those we serve but the community as a whole. That’s what makes me so excited about this next chapter.”


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  1. This is a nice press release. P E N should tell us a little about the C C J as an organization too. My recollection is that C C J is just for girls-women with troubled juvie records. Am I wrong?

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