Two Day Club Tournaments Bring In Many Pitchers

Photo: The pitchers from Sunday

The first of two days of horseshoe pitching in Prescott Valley saw 23 players come out to compete for the top spot in each of the five classes. The Mile Hi Horseshoe Club, Double Feature- Act 1 took place Saturday, with the Central Arizona Horseshoe Club of Prescott Valley hosting Double Feature-Act 2 on Sunday.

On Saturday, Steve Harman took top honors with over 50% ringers to edge out Bruce Miller in the Class A division. Harman led the entire field with 101 ringers. Class B was won by Tyson Alsenay of Cibecue. Alsenay was second in total ringers with 98, having to get past Hal Handelman, who took second place.

Ty Frazier of Kingman captured the Class C division with a sweep, coming in 14 plus over his season average with a 46.5 ringer percentage. Larry Ingraham took second. Class D saw a sweep by Tony Jones of Sahuarita as a battle for second place saw Neil Sweezy edge out Joe Starika. Gerald Stainbrook won his class for the second straight week, going 6-0 in the class E division, as Shawn Long took second place.

This was the final week for the Mile Hi Horseshoe Club to be out at the Prescott Valley facility.  Since the fire crews have now vacated Watson Lake, the club looks forward in hosting their first event for 2022 at Watson Lake, on Saturday May 28. Start time is 9 am.

Sunday, concluded our first back to back tournaments here in the Prescott and Prescott Valley area. A total of 41 players came from all over the Arizona to pitch some horseshoes.

The Tournament Champion was Bruce Miller of Surprise, pitching a 52.5% going 5-1. Bruce also had a couple of 60% games on Sunday. Class B winner was Modesta (Mo) Ramirez from Kingman. She went 4-2 pitching 47.92%, plus having the high game in that class of 60%. Class C was a Prescott Valley local Patti Lopez-Cepero, earning the sweep in her class, pitching 39.0%. Class D winner was Miguel Castro from Kingman, who went 3-1 taking home the patch pitching 21%.

Both clubs will be having our local tournaments as usual, and our next two day tournament is in September. Interested in pitching horseshoes? Send an email to

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