Making Web Design a Main Career Path

With more and more businesses developing their online presence, more people have been pondering if becoming a web designer is a good idea. Making web design a career path comes with endless benefits. 

In fact, becoming a web designer is a profitable career you should consider due to the high job demand as the world becomes more connected. Businesses are constantly updating or refreshing their websites, therefore if you have a great work ethic and a professional work portfolio, no doubt you will be able to make a living as a web designer. 

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Endless Job Opportunities

Arizona, to be precise, is home to fast-growing technology industries. Individuals are now embracing the importance of the internet, which has made more businesses go digital. You can easily find clients in need of  high quality web design from nearly all niches, from food to clothes and beauty stores, gym management, and photography businesses. This is a chance to showcase your skills while putting your passion into work.

You Don’t Need to Work from an Office

The thought of working from the comfort of your couch in pajamas as you sip your coffee is a dream for many people. And the good news is that this is what you get if you become a web designer. You only need your computer and reliable internet connection, and you are ready to work. However, it would help if you learned productivity tips when working from home to help you stay focused amid the tons of distractions.

Work On Your Own

If you don’t work well under supervision, this is a chance for you to work on your own terms. You can become a freelance web designer, where although you must meet particular obligations for your customers, you will enjoy more freedom and leisure in terms of your hours and work conditions. You also get to plan your work schedule.

Competitive Salary

With the rising demand for web designers, there is no doubt that the salaries are also becoming competitive. With this, as a web designer, you can cater to your needs comfortably, and the best part is that you can do it part-time and have enough time left for other money-making schemes.

How Do You Become a Web Designer?

The first requirement to become a web designer is passion. Ensure that this is something you love and enjoy doing. It would help if you had technical prowess, artistic abilities, and design sensibility to create a functional website that meets your clients’ needs. Here are steps to make your dream a reality.

Learn the Principles of Web Design

Don’t jump into web design without learning the basic theories and principles of the field of digital web design. Take your time to research good web design principles, including user experience, color, and structure theory. You can learn this by enrolling in a web design boot camp or checking YouTube tutorials.

Understand the Tools of Web Design

There is a range of web design tools available via website builders such as Wix to help you create functional websites with minimal effort. However, it would help if you first learned how the tools work and practiced as many times as possible to bring your skills to perfection. Start with beginner-friendly tools before you move to advanced versions.


It’s time to put everything you have learned from the theory to the test. You are ready to design websites, but it would be best to start with your projects before taking a payable job.

Some technical skills like programming in CCS, HTML, and Java requires practice. And the more sites you build, the more you sharpen your skills.

You can test the websites on user experience, navigation, and load time to establish if you are good to go. You may also seek help from other expert web designers to give their opinion on your websites. As you interact with the website, put yourself in the users’ shoes. Imagine how they would react if they came across your site. This will help you identify the pain points or areas that need improvements.

Create a Portfolio

A portfolio showcases your abilities. It’s the best tool to use when applying for web design jobs, and so you must make it stand out. It will help if you include your work samples in the portfolio. Add the designs you are most proud of, and make sure each website is different in size with aesthetics to suit various companies needs.

Emphasize your strengths. And since you are looking to be a web designer, consider presenting your portfolio in a way that showcases UI and UX.

Apply for a Web Designer Job

Again, thanks to technology and the internet, that has made it easier to identify your potential clients quickly. Check out upcoming and established businesses on social media and send your portfolio. You can also browse through LinkedIn and job boards to find businesses looking for web designers and send your applications.

Final Thoughts

Turning your web design passion into a career is as easy as following the tips above. And luckily, with web design tools, you don’t necessarily need a degree in web development to design the best sites. Just have the guts and passion and go for it. You can become better than fellows with masters in web design in no time. Begin today. 

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