Hypnotically Speaking

We all do well when we are feeling confident. A person who is confident has a strong belief in themselves or their ability to perform in a particular way to achieve success. Someone who is confident is bold and sure of themselves. We can be very confident in one area of our life, like in our profession, and in other areas, maybe in relationships, feel completely inadequate.

One thing for sure: confidence comes from within. Being in a strong trusting relationship with self sets us up for having confidence in ourselves. This is why I and many other hypnotherapists begin with strengthening our clients’ self-esteem. Through self hypnosis and positive suggestion, we help people feel good about themselves and acknowledge their own strengths, achievements, and efforts. They become their own cheerleader, without needing validation from someone else. Confidence gives us the strength we need to accomplish almost anything.

I believe we all have been held back at one time or another because of a lack of confidence or a feeling of being not good enough. I personally practice what I call “In the Zone Hypnosis: You Zone It, and You Own It.” This method teaches my clients to pay attention to their emotions and use them as their guidance to move them towards what they want. Confidence helps us achieve the flow that helps us get into that magical feeling of the zone.

How we respond to our life and our daily experiences all starts with how we feel. The only way to change habits and behaviors is to change our feelings first. Moreover, every emotion has a physical posture and breathing pattern. Most people will say the mind controls the body. In actuality our physiology controls our biology for 98-99% of our population.

Take a moment and think about something you really, really wanted in the past. Now, think of when you knew you had it. Feel what you feel, see what you see, and now notice how you are standing and breathing. Take on the state of success. Try to think of being defeated or sad while you are in this state. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins says, “You have to change your state to change your life.” This is why the first thing he does when speaking to his audience is get everyone out of their seats to move and engage in a positive way. By doing this he is setting them up for positive change.

Watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on power poses. In this talk she exposes the research of how the body responds to power poses. A power pose is the physical stance someone might take as a person in power. Research found that when a person is in a power pose their testosterone hormone levels increase by 20% and their cortisone hormone (better known as our stress hormone) levels decrease by 20%. This means that a person will be more assertive or dominate, as they are more relaxed at the same time. The opposite happens when they are in a low power pose.

This puts a whole new spin on the body/mind connection. Next time we’ll talk about some of the different states that can influence our lives. Until then, be sure and have a beautiful day. You deserve it.

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