Must-have Accessories for Outdoor Camping in Arizona

Camping is a great way to spend some time in nature, whether alone, as a couple, or as a family. There are lots of great camping spots in Arizona, you just have to remember not to go camping on private property. If you are going out in the wild, you need to be prepared to ensure you do not face any hardships. This requires some planning and carrying the essentials, and below are some of the ones you will need.

For Shelter and Comfort

What you carry for shelter and comfort will depend on where you are going. For all types of camping sites, you will need a tent and a sleeping bag. You will also need a pillow and some blankets if the weather permits it. Jackets and windbreakers will also be required, as will long trousers, socks, and long-sleeved t-shirts. Just ensure you only take the essentials if your camping trip involves a hike.

First Aid Kit

Many camping sites have first aid kits available, but you need to carry one if you are going camping in the woods. Your first aid kit should have gloves, a tourniquet, antiseptic, bandages, gauze, and scissors. Also, check that you have carried some tweezers for removing splinters and bug spray because you will need them. Other items to consider adding include antiseptic solutions, hand sanitizer, toiletries, toilet paper, and face wipes.

A Knife

A knife is an essential piece of equipment because it has so many uses in a camping setting. For example, you can use it to cut rope or to sharpen stakes that you use to anchor your tent. While there are many blades to choose from, the two main types to consider are folding and fixed blade knives.

Each of these categories has its pros and cons, but we recommend taking a fixed blade knife when camping. This is because these knives are often stronger and more suited to outdoor work. You can use them to skin animals, prepare foods and so much more. Remember that you have to choose carefully when choosing between a fixed blade for EDC (everyday carry) and one for camping. A small blade can be great around the home, but you need a longer one for the required outdoor work when camping.


The equipment you carry can make a huge difference, especially if you hike or are camping away from people. The essential equipment you need includes a phone, a power bank and cable, a physical map, and a compass. All of these will come in handy should the unfortunate happen, and you get lost in the woods. 

Other equipment you will need include flashlights, head flashlights, and spare batteries. You should also consider carrying a solar charging kit so that you do not run out of juice when you are away from civilization. 

With proper preparation, your camping trip can be a successful one even if you go out of your way to explore new camping areas. 

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