BREAKING NEWS: Noel Campbell withdraws from LD1 Senate Race

Early today, Prescott eNews received the following press release from the campaign committee for former State Representative Noel Campbell. The popular three-term state legislator sat out the 2020 election.  But with the vacancy created by the retirement of Sen Karen Fann, Mr. Campbell reentered public life, citing an unfinished legislative agenda highlighting  water issues,  transportation needs,  border security,  election integrity and controlling growth in rural Arizona. He submitted sufficient petition signatures to qualify for the August 2nd Republican primary and launched an energetic campaign for election.  His withdrawal reduces the Republican field to former Senate President and Secretary of State,  Ken Bennett, and a newcomer, former California attorney and real estate broker, Steve Zipperman.   The winner will face Democrat Steve Fogel,  a retired Prescott school teacher, in the November General Election.


Dear Friends and Supporters,

It is with a heavy heart that I am withdrawing from the race for Arizona Senate LD-1.  We as a Nation have been through so much over the past two years.  And many of you know the tragedy my wife and I had to endure.  I thought we had healed enough and were ready to take on the many problems our state and nation face today.  Unfortunately, the campaign we want to run is not the campaign that is continuously being forced upon us.  A race about important issues would be positive and strengthening.  But a race where we are under daily attacks and smears puts a very heavy weight on us.  I will not put Mary Beth through this any longer.

I have never shied away from fighting for what I believe in — be it on the battlefield or in the Legislature.  Unfortunately in this campaign, in order to beat me, less ethical people have turned their attacks on Mary Beth and our marriage.  That is simply unacceptable.  If I were the only good candidate running, then I might feel differently.  Voters still have a good and decent choice available to them.  I need to think about those closest to me, the stress they are under, and I choose to keep Mary Beth first in my life.  It has been an honor to serve this nation and community for my entire life.  I look forward to future engagement in this community that we love.  Please keep us in your prayers, and thank you for your support and understanding.

Noel Campbell


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Noel Campbell withdraws from LD1 Senate Race”

  1. Cecelia Jernegan

    Politics in the world, the USA, the state of Arizona and even Yavapai County has become a “blood sport”. It reminds me of the Romans watching the gladiators being killed in the arena for spectators fun. God Bless Noel and Mary Beth. Please protect those running for public office. Social media, and videos have changed the way we conduct business. I am still censored from being on KYCA. Let’s ALL try and move forward in the state of Arizona with civil discourse. According to American University one of the most important educational, political, and social issues of today is how best to have a civil conversation in a democratic society. Our past, present, and future depend on this essential process: citizens gather, listen to each other, debate, make up their minds, and determine a course of action. Polarization of opinions, coupled with the speed and access of the digital age have made it more difficult to keep our conversations civil in America today. From shouting matches, to opinionated blog posts, to rhetoric-filled political debates, we are confronted every day with uncivil conversation. WE as Americans and Arizonians are better than that! Our children and grandchildren are watching us. Going forward be a role model.

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