Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum Luncheon – Meet Your 2022 Candidates

The Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum will continue their candidate series at their next monthly luncheon on Monday, May 9th,  at the Prescott Vibes Event Center, 6200 Hwy 89 (see map at bottom).  The event starts promptly at 11:30am.  Parking is free.  An RSVP is required.

This month’s meeting has one of the candidates for Arizona Attorney General, Lacy Cooper; Mark DeLuzio, Andy Yates and John Moore, who are all running for the new CD2 Congressional District.

Lacy Cooper – Candidate AZ Attorney General

Lacy  Cooper is an experienced attorney and border security expert. Under the  Trump Administration, Lacy served as the Border Security Section Chief  in the United States Attorney’s Office, where she battled on the front lines to secure Arizona’s  southern border. As a federal prosecutor, Lacy fought against dangerous Mexican cartels that were trafficking drugs and humans into the United  States and firearms and cash back to Mexico. She  prosecuted gang members who deteriorated the fabric of our local  communities, and terrorists who took advantage of loopholes in the  United States’ immigration system. Lacy began her career as a Deputy  Gila County Attorney in Payson fighting all levels of crime  and defending the vulnerable. She spearheaded a task force targeting  the most prevalent drug dealers. She prosecuted white-collar criminals  who defrauded Arizonans. And she obtained lengthy sentences for sexual  predators. Lacy knows firsthand what it takes  to keep our country safe, and she has a record of doing just that.

Lacy has lived in Arizona for over 30 years. She moved to Arizona in  elementary school and graduated from Dobson High School in Mesa. Born in  the oil fields of southeastern New  Mexico, Lacy learned the value of hard work from her father’s side of  the family, who spent their Friday nights at high school football games and their Saturday mornings on the rigs. She was also blessed to have  school teachers, coaches and administrators  on her mother’s side who devoted themselves to her education. Lacy  brings this legacy of perseverance, aptitude and servant leadership to all of her endeavors.

A committed student, Lacy accepted a full-ride National Merit Scholarship award to attend Texas A&M University where she completed classes at The Bush School while earning a political science degree. In 2005, she graduated with Honors from The University of Texas School of Law. Following law school, Lacy returned home to  begin working on behalf of Arizonans. Lacy is devoted to faith, family  and community. She loves to spend her weekends  with her family, going to church, and spending quality time with her seven nieces and nephews. Lacy also serves on the board of 1MISSION, a  nonprofit that seeks to lift families out of poverty.


Mark DeLuzio – Candidate U.S. House CD2

As a Lean pioneer with international acclaim, Mark is the principal architect of the world-renowned Danaher Business System. In addition to his success in the corporate world, Mark is a successful entrepreneur, advising senior executives on strategy and tactics in a multitude of diverse industries. Through speaking, writing, and serving on corporate and non-profit boards, Mark’s imprint on the world of business is undeniable. Mark was instrumental in amending the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations concerning “Made In USA” products, saving thousands of American jobs from moving to China. Can you imagine what Mark will do when he gets to Washington?

America gave Mark boundless opportunities, and Mark’s family has given back to America. His grandparents legally immigrated to America from Europe with a dream and drive to make a better life for their families. His father was a Veteran of World War II who bravely fought at the Battle of Iwo Jima. Inspired by the 9-11 attack on our country, his two sons, Scott and Steven, left their careers at CPA firms to fight on the front lines of Afghanistan. Scott learned that his brother Steve was killed in action as he fought just miles away in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. As a Gold Star Father and a candidate for Congress, Mark will continue his sons’ fight for our freedoms.

Like so many of us, Mark knows our great country is going in the wrong direction. Using skills he developed, solving the most complex of problems, Mark solemnly pledges to lead the fight for sealing our borders from illegal immigrants, maintaining our national security, protecting our constitutional rights, care for our Veterans and their families, place children’s education in the hands of parents at the local level, and restoring our economic liberty. Lifting the burden of taxation and regulation will again unleash the creativity and initiative that made our nation prosperous and powerful. Every decision he makes, and every vote he casts, will be guided by the constitutional principles laid down by our Founding Founders.

Mark has been married to his college sweetheart, Diane, for 41 years. Mark and Diane have three beautiful grandchildren who are the joy of their lives. Mark understands that a strong family and faith in God, which are paramount to preserving America’s future, are under attack by radical socialists. He will do everything in his power to preserve the country we love.

Why is Mark running for U.S. Congress? Because “America is Worth Saving.”


Andy Yates – Candidate U.S. House CD2

Andy Yates has a proven record of advancing America’s values and strategic interests overseas in Iraq, Jordan, and Afghanistan. When Andy moved to Arizona 20 years ago, his first job was with the Arizona Republican Party, where he managed voter registration initiatives across the state. He and his wife, Sarah, now live in Prescott and own a small business. Andy believes we must return our government to what our country’s founders envisioned and the Constitution lays out: A government that does less, but better!


John Moore – Candidate U.S. House CD2

Mayor of Williams, John W. Moore has dedicated his life to serving the NAZ community. A love for this state and its people let John to public service. Unlike his opponents, John has done everything from patrolling our neighborhoods to lobbying politicians to defend our rights. Unfortunately, Washington elites like Joe Biden and our current Rep. Tom O’Halleran are working harder to destroy our way of life than we are to preserving it. The John W. Moore campaign is ready to change that!


Starting in 2022, YRMF Luncheons are transitioning to Members-Only events. Since this is a new policy, we are allowing non-members to attend two luncheons during 2022, after which they must become a YRMF member or they will denied attendance at any future luncheons. We are moving to a Members-Only organization in fairness to our members who do pay yearly dues and support the cause and purpose of the Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum. Also we are anticipating greater participation from membership and the ability to attract a wider range of guest speakers. If you are a non-member, these events are only open to registered Republicans—women and men. Membership info and application form can be found by clicking HERE.

Doors open at 10:30AM.  Lunch goes from 11:30AM to 1:00PM.

Lunch is $25 per reservation payable at the door by check or cash (no credit cards). The menu is:

Chicken and Beef Fajitas
Rice and Beans
Chips and Salsa, Dessert

Remember – a reservation made is a reservation paid.  If you do not attend after holding a reservation past the cancellation deadline, please submit your payment for the lunch as outlined in the emails you received after making your reservation.  The cutoff for accepting cancellations is before 10:00 PM  Wednesday, May 4.


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