Opinion: Critical Race Theory in Prescott Schools – Buz Williams

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted” – Vladimir Lenin

All across America, parents are becoming aware that schools are indoctrinating their children. They found out that the schools and libraries are conducting transvestite story hours for kindergartners and preschoolers. During the remote learning that occurred when schools closed down during the COVID pandemic, many mothers and fathers found out that their children were being taught things other than reading, writing, history, geography and arithmetic. Some of the social studies classes were along the lines of the New York Times racist, 1619 projects: that Whites are oppressors and Black, Brown and Yellow people are, and always have been oppressed by Whites.

Parents are becoming activists. One of these activists is a 57 year old, local single parent father, Brooks Compton. He is running for the Governing Board of the Prescott Unified School District. I have heard him speak at a couple of different forums. Even though the School Board positions are non-partisan, I saw Brooks at presentations sponsored by local Republican groups.

As a conservative Republican myself, I know a lot of others who share many of the same views that I have. As a virtual unknown to local Republicans, there was speculation about Mr. Compton. It was known that he was from Las Vegas and it was rumored that he was a Democrat. One or two Republicans thought he was a Democrat plant to split or ruin the Republicans’ chances in the School Board races.

With that in mind, I contacted Brooks Compton and we met at Zeke’s Eating Place. I asked him flat out, if he had been a Democrat in Nevada and he told me he had been, but that he has been a Republican the last two/thirds of his adult life.

In his early twenty’s, while working his way through college, Mr. Compton told me that in order to get a well paying job as a valet in the Democrat controlled city of Las Vegas, one had to be a registered Democrat and a member of the Teamsters Union. In other words, Brooks Compton’s membership in those organizations was an economic necessity, not really a free political choice. When he voted, like millions of others, he was a “Reagan Democrat”.

Mr. Compton volunteered that he did run for a political office in Nevada as a Democrat. He also said that he ran as an independent Democrat against Harry Reid’s anointed 25 year incumbent. Brooks lost that election in the primary, but it cost the Harry Reid political machine more than $850,000 dollars. That incumbent went into the general election with a lot less money and lost. Brooks was 31 at the time.

As parents are finding out all over our country, the first line of defense against the indoctrination of our children with such woke studies as Critical Race Theory, gender reassignment, and other foolishness, is the local school board. Voters need to go and listen to the school board candidates. They need to ask questions of those candidates. The fight for stopping the left wing politicization starts at the local level.

I have in my possession a picture of a bulletin board from Mile High Middle School. In the center of the board is a card that reads, “Black History”. I’m told this board is where students put up what they’ve learned, for the whole school to see. On the perimeter of the bulletin board are several other cards. On the top row the first of three cards read, “Fight like Malcolm”. One can only assume that the reference is to Malcolm X, a Black nationalist, segregationist and pro-socialist. The next card reads, “Inspire like Kobe”. It probably refers to Kobe Bryant the late, great basketball player, and philanthropist. The third card reads “Write like Langston”, which no doubt refers to Langston Hughes, the life long socialist writer and poet.

The left middle card states, “Challenge like Rosa” in reference to Rosa Parks, the Black woman who courageously refused to give up her seat on a bus to a White man, as was required by law, at that time, in Montgomery, Alabama. The right middle card states “Lead like Harriet” undoubtedly pertaining to Harriet Tubman, an escaped slave and conductor on the Underground Railroad. The bottom row, left sign is “Unite like Barack” inferring the former president, Barack Obama. The last card reads, “Dream like Martin”, in reference to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the great civil rights leader.

Now when teaching Black History during Black History month, it would seem logical that children would be taught about Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King, Jr. in a non-partisan way. To teach that Barack Obama was the first Black president is historical. But to conclude that Obama united the country, strains credulity and is political in its summation. While Kobe Bryant was a fantastic basketball player, his historical significance is questionable.

Early in his life as a Black Muslim, Malcolm X called Whites “evil” and Blacks “superior”. While he later changed that attitude, he always remained a segregationist. He stated he was for socialism. He might be mentioned in a Black history class, but no students of any ethnicity should be taught to “fight like Malcolm”.

Langston Hughes was an ardent socialist. He once wrote a poem praising Lenin and communism. His writings might be mentioned in a history class, but where is the balance. Did these classes mention historical giants like Frederick Douglas? George Washington Carver? Colin Powell? Walter Williams? Thomas Sowell or Doctor Ben Carson? The current members of the governing board of the Prescott Unified School Board should show the public those lesson plans. Where did these classes come from? Would an informed public approve of these classes as presented to their children? Are they also teaching kids about transgenderism? Can boys who “identify” as girls go into the girl’s restrooms and vice versa? Parents need to ask their kids if these things are being taught in their schools.

This is why the school board races are so important


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  1. Board members do more than hire-fire the superintendent and approve the school budget. They also set school policies and approve employee contracts. Thus attentive school board members are positioned to call out and investigate classroom activities as well as materials. Board members are often supported by school unions and associations in their election but, it’s questioning board members who can uncover classes and materials-books that most parents would consider inappropriate.

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