Can Arizona Win The Super Bowl?

Winning the Super Bowl is a little like having the best hands in Blackjack, everyone hopes what they have up their sleeves is enough to beat the others but realistically there can only be one winner. However, with the 2023 Super Bowl looking set to be hosted in Arizona, the Arizona Cardinals and their fans will be hoping for success.

Looking Forward to the 2023 Super Bowl

February 2023 seems like a lifetime away, but for most NFL teams their attention is already looking towards the Super Bowl and what they can learn from their 2022 performance. The current exciting news is that the next Super Bowl looks to be hosted by the Arizona Cardinals; who will be hoping that this helps them walk away successfully. Of course, we’re a good amount of time away from being able to accurately predict who the winners will be, but the fact that the last two years the hosting teams have won definitely will have given the Arizona Cardinals some hope. In 2021 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl at Home and the Los Angeles Rams did the same last year – will 2023 be three years running? Arizona will certainly be hoping so!

What Are The Chances That Arizona Will Win?

The Super Bowl is a few months away yet and in that time we may see player changes which could affect things, however so far they are pretty much firmly in the top 10 of teams thought to have a good chance to win, according to those that make the betting odds for sporting events such as this.
There are some big decisions for the Arizona Cardinals including a number of free agents, which could result in some team changes before the next NFL Championship games. However, this is nothing unusual and teams generally go through some changes each year – as players leave, retire, swap teams and even have to bow out due to injury.
If the Arizona Cardinals do want to be successful at the next Super Bowl then they will need to make sure that they continue to improve their defenses. As their past performances show they need to make sure that the likes of Kyler Murray have a strong level of protection throughout the game, allowing him to stay in the back half. Working on this and ensuring that they continue to work on improving passes between players will give the team the possible chance of being the third team in a row to win the Super Bowl while playing at home.

Placing Bets

It is early days to be placing bets, but you will find that most sportsbook operators already have odds on Arizona and other teams being the winners. That said, a lot can change before the next big game so it could be worth keeping an eye on the team and sporting news in general before you decide which bet you are going to place, to give yourself the best possible chance of being successful.

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