Results from Focused Speed Enforcement on Copper Basin Road and Hassayampa Village Lane

During the week of April 10th, 2022, the Traffic Safety Section of the Prescott Police Department conducted extra traffic enforcement on Copper Basin Road and Hassayampa Village Lane. Officers concentrated their efforts on these roadways looking for dangerous and reckless violations to include speeding violations.  In total, officers stopped 30 vehicles which resulted in 47 traffic violations.   


The Prescott Police Department will continue traffic enforcement details throughout the city in an attempt to slow traffic down to reduce serious traffic crashes.  


Highway safety is the responsibility of every driver.  If you observe erratic driving behavior, contact law enforcement immediately. 


Please contact dispatch at (928) 445-3131 for non-emergencies and 911 in case of an emergency. 


3 thoughts on “Results from Focused Speed Enforcement on Copper Basin Road and Hassayampa Village Lane”

  1. Thank you so much it was awesome seeing them in my neighborhood! So many crazy speeders here in Hassayampa!

  2. Our roads get more dangerous by the day and there appears to be no end in sight. Many drivers think nothing about threatening others just to save themselves a few minutes or to show off their juvenile, loud, obnoxious exhaust systems to their buddies.

    Agreed, tough enforcement of traffic laws are needed to nail dangerous drivers before they hurt or kill someone. However, “concentrated enforcement” may prove counter-productive. Now that the week is over, it’s likely dangerous drivers will sense an opportunity to speed in those locations thinking the police have gone somewhere else for “concentrated enforcement”.

    Here’s a better idea. Identify the areas where dangerous driving occurs, then allocate traffic enforcement resources on a random, rather than concentrated, basis. That keeps dangerous driver more worried they’ll get caught. Then, when someone is caught violating traffic laws in a way that threatens others, they get fined and they have to put a sensor on their car (like insurance companies use to provide discounted rates) for further monitoring by the police. If they go back to their dangerous ways, have the police stop by their house and take away their license.

    Get caught driving without a license? Off to the hoosegow!

    Driving is a privilege, not a right. Drive safely, you’re welcome to travel freely on the road system. Drive in a way that threatens bodily harm or death to others, then your privilege is revoked and you can bum a ride or walk to work.

    Need further convincing? In 2021, there were about 32,000 traffic fatalities in the USA. That’s 87 per day. And, there are far more serious, life-changing injuries on our roads. Most of this awful carnage is preventable if people just slow down and be courteous to other drivers.

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