On Tax Day, GOP Holds Arizona Democrats Accountable For Biden Inflation Tax

Photo: Republicans deliver a Tax Day invoice to Democrat Mark Kelly’s office in Phoenix

Today on Tax Day, Republicans held Arizona Democrats accountable for backing Biden’s inflation tax on struggling Arizona families. Republicans sent Tax Day invoices to Arizona Democrat incumbents including Mark Kelly, Tom O’Halleran, Greg Stanton and Ann Kirkpatrick.

Arizonans are stuck paying the price of the worst inflation in the country while simultaneously feeling the pain at the pump from the highest gas prices in state history. It all adds up to a dose of economic pain for workers, families and businesses filing their taxes by today’s deadline.

Arizonans are on track to pay $7,721 more for the things they buy on an annualized basis due to Bidenflation. Inflation costs last month alone amounted to $643 in Arizona. A new Joint Economic Committee report revealed how inflation sent prices surging since Biden took office in January 2021.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered the impact of Biden’s inflation tax on Arizonans and how inflation has been turning swing voters against Democrats.

 The GOP is drawing attention to Joe Biden’s mishandling of inflation by delivering invoices to the offices of Arizona Democrats. These invoices are labeled “PAST DUE” because Arizona Democrats including Kelly, O’Halleran, Stanton and Kirkpatrick have repeatedly refused to stand up to Biden on behalf of Arizonans. One Democrat, Tom O’Halleran, even said “inflation is not out of control.”

Arizona Democrats received invoices for “revenue lost as a result of enabling Joe Biden’s reckless economic agenda and relentlessly backing Joe Biden even as Arizonans lose a substantial amount of their income per month thanks to Bidenflation.” Biden’s massive spending sprees and the Arizona Democrats who voted for them caused this inflation.

Arizona Democrats need to foot the bill for $433/month, totaling $1,299 this year to date per household. Arizona Democrats have 30 days to submit payment to Arizonans.

“Arizona Democrats including Mark Kelly, Tom O’Halleran, Greg Stanton and Ann Kirkpatrick are long past due to start blocking Joe Biden’s reckless agenda that has caused the worst inflation in the country, record-high gas prices and mounting financial pain for Arizona families.” – RNC Spokesperson Ben Petersen


2 thoughts on “On Tax Day, GOP Holds Arizona Democrats Accountable For Biden Inflation Tax”

  1. Lets hope Arizona’s efforts to stop election fraud will allow a win for the people in the 2022 elections. Hopefully we will see a larger turnout in the Republican primary August 2nd. It’s clear AG Bronivich didn’t do his job and certainly doesn’t deserve a promotion to US Senator.

  2. George Hotchkiss

    So somehow President Biden’s “Inflation Tax” has caused inflation to rise dramatically in all of Europe, England, Australia etc… The current consumer price inflation is being felt around the world, regardless of any countries economic policies. If your economy is growing, you are experiencing inflation. It is simple economics, the goods people want are not as available due to international supply chain disruptions. There are other minor factors, but it is people willing to pay more for stuff that is more scarce that is causing higher prices. If President Trump had won the 2020 election, we would still have the same inflation rate, period. It has nothing to do with policies. I keep seeing political ads on how President Biden has caused the price of oil to go up, I know he wants us to phase out fossil fuels, but that has nothing to do with oil prices. The U.S. currently pumps 11 million barrels a day, if we pumped zero barrels of oil, the price of oil would be the same. What really matters is how much oil is OPEC pumping, they control the price of oil around the world. So you all can play your petty political games, but some of us are only interested actual facts…Prove me wrong!

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