Joe Biden Continues to Fuel the Crisis Along the Southern Border – Rep. Paul Gosar

Last week, the Biden administration announced it will end the Title 42 public health policy that was implemented under President Trump and has been used for the past two years to quickly expel illegal lawbreakers at the southern border. This announcement comes just days after the U.S. Border Patrol Chief announced the U.S. will soon hit one million illegal border crossings, and we are only in the middle of April.

The Trump administration enacted the Title 42 policy in March 2020 as a public health measure to make sure sick, infected and diseased illegal aliens were not allowed to enter our country.  Today, Democrats and the Biden administration claim that keeping out sick and infected aliens is somehow wrong and they want American citizens exposed to COVID-19 variants and other diseases.  Thus, they are terminating the Title 42 expulsion program.   Approximately 1,000,000 million infected illegal aliens were barred by DHS and returned to Mexico or another point of origin.  Under the Democrat plan, these sick aliens will be allowed to enter. Our country is under a sustained attack and invasion because of Democrat policies.

Notably, Sen. Kelly and Sen. Sinema oppose the Democrat plan to end Title 42; some squishy Republicans support terminating Title 42.

Repealing Title 42 will bring another surge of illegals into our country. Joe Biden’s open border policies caused the invasion along the southern border. Now his decision to end the use of Title 42 is turning a major crisis into a catastrophe. As many as 18,000 illegal immigrants per day, which will exceed a half million illegal aliens in April, and countless more amounts of deadly fentanyl will flow across the border because of this inconceivably reckless decision. This policy change will devastate the southern border and cause irrevocable harm to the security of the United States.


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  1. Too bad constituent service has stopped. Two weeks of calls to the Prescott office, one call to the Gold Canyon office (discontinued) and a call to Gosar’s Washington, D.C. office (received a request to fill out an on line request form). I called Sue Goodchild who gave me the cell number of Penny Pue and my call went to voice mail (no callback) Finally received a call from a person from the Prescott office who couldn’t understand why I was unable to log in to the NEW procedure required by the Biden administration to reach My Healthy Vet which I have been using for 10 plus years. He is sending me a “form” to fill out so they can look into my problem. How can my government pay people so well and yet not make anything they require work? Called the “help” line and after 12 minutes; was disconnected.

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