Opinion: Yes, It Can Happen Here – Buz Williams

When we hear about Critical Race Theory, White privilege, gender identity indoctrination and other mindless classes being taught in schools across our country, many of us think that couldn’t happen in this conservative, close knit, little area in and around Prescott. Guess again.

I heard a local father, who decided to run for one of the local school boards, speak about what motivated him to take up school politics. He told about his son coming home from school and telling him about a class where the literature was suggesting that the students “overcome their whiteness” or words to that effect. When the father asked the son to show him this class material, his son told him that the instructors told the students that they were not allowed to bring it home. The father suggested that his son take pictures of the materials on his cell phone. The son took the pictures and showed them to his dad.

Armed with this photographic evidence, the father went to the school and asked to speak with the teacher. Without first telling the teacher about the photos of the offending material, the father asked the teacher about such classroom material. When the teacher denied that there was such a class and material, the father asked that the school principal be brought into the conference. At first, the principal also denied there was such a class and material. When the father showed them the photo evidence, the teacher and principal’s response was that no one else had complained about the class.

If the teachers are instructing the students not to tell their parents about such racist, anti-American classes and readings, how are the parents and guardians to learn enough about these “woke” classes to even form an opinion, let alone complain? Now this was just one class at one school. How many other classes at this and other middle, high and even elementary schools are being used to indoctrinate our young people?

At the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, one is forced to ask the question, “If students are instructed that they can’t take the texts of these classes home or to talk to their parents about the content of the classes, how can this not be a conspiracy?” It sure looks like an attempt to keep the parents from finding out about their children being brainwashed with leftist ideology. It looks like another attempt by so-called educators to cause a chasm between parents and their children.

What about other idiocies pushed by the far left fringe elements? Are our tax funded schools pushing other stilted views such as transgenderism, gender fluidity, homosexuality, new world order and globalism? If just one father was able to find out about one such class in just one of our county’s schools, one has to wonder how many of these classes are being taught in our schools. How many schools, teachers and principals are hiding this information from their students’ parents and guardians? How long has this been going on?

We are at an educational crossroads in this country. Not just parents, but all tax paying citizens need to study the issues, read school board candidate literature, attend candidate debates and vote for candidates who will demand transparency in our schools, and the curricula, truth and openness from our teachers and school administrators.


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  1. School boards set school policy’s. However, even school boards can easily be kept in the dark by school staff. It is up to the students and parents to bring attention to first the school and then the school board. Our country is based upon a moral and alert people to keep our representative republic alive. Without our participation all will be lost.

  2. Please let us all see the writings being taught. I need to form my own opinion of them.

  3. George Hotchkiss

    “I heard a local father….He told about his son coming home from school and telling him about a class where the literature was suggesting that the students “overcome their whiteness” or words to that effect”, Mr. Williams, this is what you base an entire editorial on? What school district, what school, which teacher, when did this happen, what is the father’s name? Also, you wrote “words to that effect”, what were the words, whose opinion was the “overcome their whiteness” comment based on. I seriously question if this event actually happened. If the parent was running for a school board there should be no problem giving his name. I would wager nothing like this is being taught in PUSD, CVUSD, or HUSD districts. Even if it was, they are just ideas, that lead to discussion. there is no brainwashing going on. there is no crisis and it is not coming. Have you ever been in Prescott area school classrooms? This is just psycho right wing politicking to get the faithful pumped up for the mid-terms, so uninformed voters who believe tripe like this can vote against something that doesn’t exist…

    1. I believe Prescott School Board Candidate Brooks Compton has those notes. He got them from pictures his son took at Mile High Middle School. How much do you want to wager, George? It is happening here.

      1. George Hotchkiss

        Thanks for the response, why was the teacher not dismissed, what did the principal do after the meeting? You see when you use a broad example without any checkable details it is impossible to really know what happened. I would say this, if the teacher was not dismissed or disciplined then something is fishy. Does anybody know what really happened here, if so let us know…FYI Mr. Williams, I believe nothing I read or hear at first blush, nothing. I don’t care what the paper or broadcast media is, I always look for ways to back check information that doesn’t seem to ring right. have a great day!

        1. You are absolutely correct and I agree that no one should believe anything they read or hear as first blush. I heard Mr. Compton speak for 5 minutes and didn’t catch his name. I tried through people I know and trust to get his information to include in my article, but they didn’t get back to me in time to include it in my column. I felt that Mr. Compton’s information was correct since he said he has the pictures and will show them.
          I felt this story needed to be put before the public, so I turned in my column by the my deadline so it could be published. I’m sure Brooks Compton, who is a candidate for the Prescott Unified School Board will be happy to show you the pictures of the offending material and answer your questions about the teacher and the principal. It appears to me that the principal should also be fired, since according to Mr. Compton, the principal was complacent in the cover up of the class and material.

    2. I believe Prescott School Board Candidate Brooks Compton has those notes. He got them from pictures his son took at Mile High Middle School. How much do you want to wager, George? It is happening here.

      1. George Hotchkiss

        Sure would love to see those pictures….without them this is all just meaningless hearsay.

      2. George Hotchkiss

        Without names places, dates, it is all meaningless. Get the details on the alleged occurrence if you are going to base your entire column on the data.

        1. I put the info out and the way you can verify it. It is only meaningless if you don’t want to take the time and effort to check it out. George, it looks like you are afraid you to check it out because if you did it would show how wrong your biases are.

          1. George Hotchkiss

            Mr. Williams, good morning, I seriously want to thank you for your responses. It is nice to be able to have a civil conversation about a serious subject. So, where can I find the pictures and names of the teacher and principal? I am experienced at probing the internet for information. After looking up Mr. Compton in every possible manner, I found no article, no names, and no evidence. Hearsay evidence might work in the coffee shop, but it doesn’t work in court or in debates I do not believe the pictures exist at this point, because other than Mr. Compton saying he has them there is no evidence that I can find. Help. if you can…

  4. George, I couldn’t find any info on the Prescott School Board race either, except on how to sign up to run. I have an email out to Linda Conn, who is also running, to find out how to get in touch with Brook Compton. When I get that information I let you know. Buz

    1. George, as I understand it, the school board candidates have to get signatures to get on the ballot. Once they are on the ballot, I think we’ll see their individual websites where we can get more info. Until then, I’m still looking.

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